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Month: August, 2015

Jumpman’s Consciousness Shift

Mario fans are aware that our Italian Lead Pipe (Plumber by trade that is) plumbumming enemies with his golden immortality of touching the star which comes out of the mystery cube for it is the five pointed star which when folded in three dimensions becomes the cube of creation out of which a prompt thought boost (jump) in awareness might bring to life when one summons that form from the cube of creation in this dimensional space… so of course the cannabilistic joke is not lost on us that the kind King Toadstool is the mushroom priest of yore and Mario himself vacillates between a phase of pure annihilation (normal mode, little man mode, like Third World Man mode) does G-G-Grrroooowwwww when he ‘eats’ ? ‘touches’ … (binds his pixels with external mode of substantiation with) and then for a time being until struck back to the TWM mode does have the ability to be large – I think specifically now of Mario 3 (so, so good, what’s up N Spade, Ghost Ship, Pyramid Sun, Toad’s Mystery House!) when you get a Leaf… a Leaf and there’s also the P-Wing… and the fantastic Tanuki Mario power… did you know that a Tanuki is actually a type of raccoon dog which lives in Japan? Yes, it’s real, and yes, I provide a link here-in for … I can do no better than to go out on this note… A tanuki exists and it is the best thing ever.


Well, I’ll continue now as it were, notice first how Mario was in Donkey Kong (King Kong) – America’s ‘fear monster’ – primal ape level mentality fears’ as opposed to the Godzilla of King Koopa (Bowser) who was the Japanese ‘fear monster’ – primal reptile’ which is the reptile part of the brain, and that’s something to ponder there – and DK was about climbing levels as opposed to horizontaling them. So there’s that to question, what is the plan there? By order of magnitude, or a lateral shift in development? What’s the reason there was no Donkey King, when Kung Fu Tigers or Pandas would never suit the bill, much less crossing the other other pond with FBI’s ‘Mulan’… Disney is so perfectly harmful/not harmful.


Virtue (When is the Last Time You Heard Talk of Virtue?)

“We’re always more than the sum total of our parts. We’re more than the sum total of our mind or memory or emotions and so on.” – Dr. Joseph Farrell

When is the Last Time You heard talk of virtue in how our society is run? I am not talking of mere religious moral dogma, nor do I speak of the materialist’s ‘evolutionary fitness’, for I speak of a meaning that is far more potent, at the core of what needs to be examined if we are to have any productive results rise to fruition in the actual activities in our lives, and in the actual quality of emotional health we experience, and in turn, in the amount of freedom we command over our individual lives in safety and in spiritual thriving; In short if we Seriously are to talk of virtue and be of Virtue’s Intentionality, we Will see Manifest in Our Lives the Repercussions of such attitudes, ways of seeing the world, and this is how the world we inhabit in this dimension works.

So if this is so important, then why is it that the last time you heard about virtue was probably not a time you can call to mind, maybe you were discussing knights or samurai, but both of these characters are suitably bathed in the connection to our militarized, de-virtuefied zeitgeist. In fact, it’s so bad that, there is so little virtue, that the abused and lost human race is seeking to go virtual. Put simply, the less virtue, the more virtual. The less one can stand their own existence, the more they seek escape. We are traumatized, by advertisements, the schooling system (based in the caste system), by the GMO foods we are almost unable to escape from if in certain economic situations or education levels or awareness levels especially can affect if one eats GMO, but really, if one connects their personal health to their own sovereignty, it is a Virtue to eat well for one treats their body in safety and kindness and encourage stood cheer as well, which is truly a virtue in of itself.

It is no small task to excoriate our ingrained line of thinking from it’s damned path as it were, or is. We have been Pied by Pipers who monetize our confusion, and we in turn, harass those who try to tell us the truth, but surely this is not Virtue, so this must and will change if we are to see an American Renaissance. And people are hungry for the truth, they want change, they are sick of the lies and are ready for a new light to be cast on old obfuscated truths which are at the level of illusion right now, but are coming fast in to the minds of the many, for it is the will of truth that it be so, however, again, there are forces which choose the path of non-virtue, and they work to instill fear and misery by their very philosophy of virtuelessness. So this really is a self-fulfilling prophecy of those who choose to live and act and be the will of virtue.

There are forces which drive reality which by no small measure are hidden as well, and as the humans rise in awareness as to what is really going on, why space programs are being melded with airfare programs, why gold is not really reported on global finance sheets in accurate amounts by orders of potential magnitude, why we are seeing so many robotic ‘droid’ transhumanism saturated media leading us away from the form of what it takes to recover our damaged selves – virtue – instead, as we see humanity rise in awareness, we may choose virtue, rather than a dark vision offering us an increasingly strange and desolate escape from the madness which they help create in us, and we, through lack of virtue, allow to perpetuate.

It is our sickness and weakness which is a momentum, we know this intrinsically, and we also know that our strengths are that which will rise and shine and dominate in a self-fulfilling ‘fantasy-made-real’ by how we think of ourselves, how we even talk to our selves in our own minds. This is not simply the talk of virtues which guide our minds and behavior, it is the very language which we use in our own heads. It is a responsibility in virtue to control one’s own thoughts. If we live in a society which gladly makes money off of misery, does one expect to find solace from any teacher who sells a remedy other than virtue? If virtue is not a part of the prescription, it is not worthy of existing in the realm of serious business.

And the making of lives and livelihoods and legacies is what we are made of at our best cores. Those who understand the nature of our being surely appreciate that the need for goodness is something which OVERDEFINES the psychotic trappings and neurotic illusions of the transhumanist. And again, money is good if it is used fairly in virtue, amongst virtuous people, in a virtuous manner. Without even mentioning the specific variables of virtue themselves, we can quite easily conjure up the best possible of all worlds wheN we discuss a population that is living VIRTUOUSLY.

The world is not ending. America is not going to collapse. Change is inevitable, but virtue, if consistent and widespread and endemic within a society is the cure for all evil, if is the cure for inequality for the members are virtuous and the way of seeing the world might even to the minds of many reading this be simply incomprehensible at this time other than sufficing to say that the virtue of moderation would be a joy to all, and that the virtue of courage and kindness and humility and generosity would remove the fear-based manipulators reality DE FACTO. This really is the two wolves in your heart and head fighting, to feed the light, to feed the dark, this is The Force, light and dark, dark, corrupt, losing to Light, the virtuous. But of course, this is much more to say, so as time progresses from this point forward,

Let us be able to say that each day, the ‘last time we spoke of virtue’ was To-Day.

Peace Be With You.