Jumpman’s Consciousness Shift

by Occult Fan

Mario fans are aware that our Italian Lead Pipe (Plumber by trade that is) plumbumming enemies with his golden immortality of touching the star which comes out of the mystery cube for it is the five pointed star which when folded in three dimensions becomes the cube of creation out of which a prompt thought boost (jump) in awareness might bring to life when one summons that form from the cube of creation in this dimensional space… so of course the cannabilistic joke is not lost on us that the kind King Toadstool is the mushroom priest of yore and Mario himself vacillates between a phase of pure annihilation (normal mode, little man mode, like Third World Man mode) does G-G-Grrroooowwwww when he ‘eats’ ? ‘touches’ … (binds his pixels with external mode of substantiation with) and then for a time being until struck back to the TWM mode does have the ability to be large – I think specifically now of Mario 3 (so, so good, what’s up N Spade, Ghost Ship, Pyramid Sun, Toad’s Mystery House!) when you get a Leaf… a Leaf and there’s also the P-Wing… and the fantastic Tanuki Mario power… did you know that a Tanuki is actually a type of raccoon dog which lives in Japan? Yes, it’s real, and yes, I provide a link here-in for … I can do no better than to go out on this note… A tanuki exists and it is the best thing ever.


Well, I’ll continue now as it were, notice first how Mario was in Donkey Kong (King Kong) – America’s ‘fear monster’ – primal ape level mentality fears’ as opposed to the Godzilla of King Koopa (Bowser) who was the Japanese ‘fear monster’ – primal reptile’ which is the reptile part of the brain, and that’s something to ponder there – and DK was about climbing levels as opposed to horizontaling them. So there’s that to question, what is the plan there? By order of magnitude, or a lateral shift in development? What’s the reason there was no Donkey King, when Kung Fu Tigers or Pandas would never suit the bill, much less crossing the other other pond with FBI’s ‘Mulan’… Disney is so perfectly harmful/not harmful.