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Month: December, 2015

A message to be shared for those who are dealing with expanding consciousness, wondering about conspiracies: A message scrubbed of sensitive information; Proceed With Awesome.

I hear you. That ****** I think her name was, the journalist you enjoy. She was actually, not my favorite. To say it kindly. Haha! My favorites were *****, and the talk on black goo and black magic, as well as the talk on archons, those three were pretty supreme, and that’s where I come from – we are at pretty different angles it seems and that is GOOD. Learning is only done through ‘difference’ – so it goes. I’m a big Vonnegut fan, on my pignose funk amp for my acoustic Alice here there is a Vonnegut library sticker (I helped kickstart the Vonnegut library) that says ‘So It Goes’. Here’s to Breakfast of Champions! As it were…

I used to see things from that journalist’s perspective, and I hope I could save her time, but she is on her path, so maybe I can help introduce you to some different ideas… it’s all about YOU and YOUR life. Empower yourself! Work to empower your SELF first and then the world MIGHT ,just MIGHT be influenced by what you desire it to be. That journalist she, she really seems to want the world to Just be Fair, and that’s not the world. People like who I used to be would get ANGRY at the suggestion. People like I used to be were programmed to be DEFENSIVE so they would not CHANGE. Evil design? Perhaps… by those who would MISLEAD us.

So, that being said, I can’t say that I disagreed with many of her ultimate sentiments, but it was all, and note *******’s behavior in that conversation, see if you can with a critical glance note his take on how she is reacting, especially when she gets ‘breathy’ and ‘talks over him’ near the last quarter, it was. I almost had to stop listening actually haha!! But she would do well to learn her planetary positions, I say, and to learn from another ******* guest, this one from ****, Sevan Bomar…

Though that’s like trigonometry when one isn’t ready for calculus, AND YET there IS MAGIC in the MERE EXPOSURE so I invite you to listen to Sevan’s latest release, The Keymaker, part V, and to hear what the (one of the, if not the) Most Advanced Spiritual Teachers of our ‘TIme’ has to say, because no matter what is said or ‘opinioned’ – this IS IT here. He is … it’s just … there is an astral plane. Do not neglect to incorporate this. Forget about the Illuminati, forget about ‘one world government’, forget about all of that, if I might have the ability to share a ‘proper guiding light’… I say this as if I am authority and I am as this is what I have found and I am the author, so,

as you are ***********, I am *** author, haha!! All of this I say to you with kindness in my heart, for you are I truly, (g)now this, as we gnow who and what we really are… but if you want to be on the proper path, and not one of smoke and mirrors and disempowerment through looking at ‘out there’ rather than ‘in here’ I will disabuse you of that severed nonsense with three recommendations quick and easy and actually neither of those for it TAKES WORK – laws of the universe and all – and trust me, I’m *** Doctor.

Hermetics matter more than conspiracy, for hermetics is in your field of control and conspiracy is not, that being said…

One: cleanse. Cleanse yourself with blessedherbs.com – you have no idea what is inside of us but it needs to go, as far as ‘Mucoid plaque’ (look it up, blech!! best to get it out of you immediately).

Two: This, and then, anything and everything you will your self to take in and make use of – will to make use of for your self – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQzgrKowAlw

Three: well, I won’t say much but if you do learn your chart, your stars, your planets, and learn what the cycles of the planets are now, you’ll learn how the different aspects of the planets work, you’ll learn from astro.com and learn more about how to understand to maximize your mind and magick through searching this, THIS is what is going to do it for you.

I’ve put a lot of effort in to sharing this with you because I trust it will serve you will and help make your life better. You owe me nothing for it expect that I hope you are happy and whole and healthy and have the most amount of personal power you can cultivate to make your world better. Saving the world is only saving the world you are aware of.

Wholeness and balanced vibrations,
peace be with you always.

Occult Fan


Postal Workers

I love my local post office workers. They are just great. Every time you call them they’re helpful, but that’s just the tip of the awesomeberg. I for one have a great rapport with our apartment’s postal worker, M**. She has a birthday just around ten days before mine, so we’re not only the same sign (I’m a cusp however), but we share the same affection for seeing one another out and about. See I walk dogs so once I get to certain places at certain times of day, our paths often cross — but far before that I had it in my head to always observer her birthday with a small gift or card or balloon, and of course Christmas as well, in similar fashion. It’s these kind of things that make life worth living in a way, the little kindnesses which connect us all, since we are all connected anyways, by the force of compassion.


Not only do I find that this makes life better and that I Just Like Doing It, but it carries over to how I experience the entire industry of postal workers as well in a way, but it culd be that I just like the postal employees. My Uncle Matt (blessed be his departed soul) was even a postal employee in a town two over from ours for a point. So it’s even in my family, I suppose! There’s also the apartment complex where I walk dogs, I have become friends with M**** over there, who does the ENTIRE COMPLEX. It takes the entire work day to do this one place, and he is a trooper and I love the guy. Same for B** who does a different route. We like to talk conspiracy. He even gave me a book on them! But that book being mostly distraction anyways, the idea is that we bonded over something just as humans should.


There’s also J*** who I see at the office pretty much each time I’m there, and I am glad for it each time. He’s such a swet person and he makes me happy with his good attitude. He appreciates my Pink Floyd references, too, and that helps always! Even today when I called regarding the information of purchasing my passport (going to take a small trip in a few months) he gave the information like a pro, and was super helpful by making all the things necessary clear, and it was just like I was there with him, but it was over the phone – I wonder if he knew that it was me? Next time I see him, I’ll let him know.


So this was just a quick note to say how great my experience has been with the postal workers in my town and how much I think they deserve our respect. I don’t need to get in to the fact they are out there on Saturdays even, or that they have to work outside in the rain and snow and sleet and asteroids (?), and yes, I know they are ‘civil servants’ with job security and they’ve traded some of their freedom to be so, if one sees it this way, hard to compare a post office worker say to, Freeman who is totally rad and inspires me to travel my career in his polarity versus that of civil servant’s, but we all play roles in this game, and in the current structure, these good human beings are often over-looked, though not by all, for there are other ‘mes’ out there…


Suffice to say that they are generally genuinely good-hearted people, most often humble and attentive, and they are far more in number of this sort than any which is not as kind or polite, in fact I have zero stories personally of having anything other than a warm, pleasant and uplifting experience with regards to our good United States Postal Workers, and I felt so moved by this fact as to take up the cause of writing it down here to share with you today.


Peace be with you always.

Nathan Miller Foster

aka Occult Fan