by Occult Fan

Tie me down and sing your song

Fill an ocean up with stones

Watching for the highest memory

Wistfully upon a cliff

Meadow grass rustles and guides a ship

Its light pours over you from up above

And here in this sweet meadow’s glen

Overlooking Neverland

Spyglass hours whittle lives away

And still we speak in lover’s tongue

Melodies and heartstrings strum

To the tickling humming of dragonflies’ symphonies

And to hear a shimmer of your locks

The venetian eyelids building blocks

Partisan for old moments to fade their way

Into the glad folds of now

For the future’s as well, and how

We made love forever, on those days

Tie me down and sing your song

Gentle fingertips across

My echoing and softly smiling face

And should we fade to another’s glance

If so ever should come that chance

I’d still know to be returning here someday

And would pray to your figure

Traced into flower’s crown

A snow angel in prairie’s dust, and say

‘here is where I laid-in-love’

‘close beneath the sun above’

‘mortal-coil of ivory-doves’

‘her shining face a silver sun’

‘beckoning me to remember’

‘the magic of this very single day’

but for now our hearts beat strong

begging us to become one

so kiss and hug and hold me where we lay

remember that youth won’t last long

so tie me down and sing your song

break my body and spill my soul



By Nathan Lee “Occult Fan” Miller Foster


A note on formatting – this is meant to be in block form without

spaces – as it is… Written January the Eighth Twenty Twelve.