Wolf Skulls

by Occult Fan

Wolf Skulls


written by and through

Nathan Miller Foster


waiting for a soft-life
when i can wake up with the sun
as a barrier
clear and exploding
on the velvet sands
her shoulders lithe and strong
her tan body and lining
all around my morning vision
want to hear the ocean-smoothing
licking at the bays of thorns
all the wild-rosewood cactus
moaning binary
the codename of the
waiting to wake up there she’s standing
by the window
by the door
half draped in a silken shawl
over the halter top she cast-off her shining flesh in a rippling thunder
the night before
downed the bottle of whiskey burning faster than five million planets in all galaxies exploding
clawed into my back viciously
with impatience and yearning
unforgettable orgasms
rapidly approaching
ran my fingers down her back
up her thighs and all around her
in her
and out of her
and in her
and out
and we fucked in harried passion
to frenzied candlelight
her upper-teeth bit lower-lips
‘til blood spurt past my eyes
her moaning mass of trembling
we fell into the void
and woke a mere four hours later
at the rapturous sun’s
first dawn
the neon sands drew closer
we walked far both and near
she noticed it
i picked it up
into my half-awake hands
a wolf skull
there on the beach
it had been there a
million years
nary a crack
as if it had just been skinned
it was a beacon
it was
a plan