by Occult Fan


Nathan Miller Foster

Jan 7th, 2012




in the face of candlelight

your lips are kind hills

with widow’s peaks

we both want to clime

like a canvas hammock

between two poplars swing

our ocean view

is a beautiful thing

earlier today

we drank tea

spiked with twenty

year old scotch whisky

the sun is near-set

and you come to me

I sit writing

you show beneath

white silk and lace

from our three month anniversary

if looks matter

you look better tonight

because its the only time

you can be with me

your long lashes make you

the goddess of all hours

the jealous statuette

of all fields of

the most picturesque flowers

with wet springtime fingers

soft as a bed

of lilies and moss

your words speak as silhouettes

a triumph of breathe

like smoke across

the face of the horizon’d

harvest moon

resting on branches

with diamonds

you are the reason


can move