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Master no Self

Month: April, 2016







Bloom the Night Wind

hold the stem of roses

your pretty kitten smile

now I slip you through my fingers

sand your leather corset

sticks to my oily digit grip

you slide inside my heart and hide

I need not seek to merely find

you rather unveil your isis side

your bablyon mysteries come clear to me

as you spread your holy divine

Eat Ye

I was writing about cannibalism in a joking way, of course.

Yea, but dude, you know they take it so seriously.

Yeah, well, they’re hypochondriacs of their own self-worth and responsibility, anyways, they are only looking for yet another blood-soaked yarn for their scapegoats to string-along their easily-gullible even more self-loathing susceptible flocks to make a buck off of.¬†And further, it was obviously just a joke, no matter who was interpreting it.

Yea, well it didn’t help when you told them that you’d eat them for being such pussies.

But dude! Eating pussy is where it’s at!

Ok, see, I know you think you’re a riotous blast, and your penchant for mercurial tricksterism is ‘all-the-glee’ for your bad self, but this is what gets them so worked up!

They have no funny bone?

Well, they probably do, but are subverting it for their fear wins out over their perceptual process.

Ok, granted. But was obviously a joke.

Yea, well, ok, but you didn’t help things ONCE AGAIN when you told them you had made that order for fava beans and chianti.

Obviously our society is fucked up thanks to Thomas Harris, right? And the underlying human pathos related to the consumption of flesh? The powerlessness that so many feel as the middle class continues to shrink, replaced by ‘less-than-human’ machines, and the need to feel ‘more-that-human’ is the inverse swing of the pendulum…

and you think that level of person is going to realize that?

obviously not, and isn’t that sort of why it’s so fun?

it’s a form of cannibalism in itself…

yea, it’s all very tongue-in-cheek humor…

especially when it’s someone else’s tongue in your cheek.