A Real Man’s Work

by Occult Fan

Does one need to gut a boar to be a man? Not just know how to. But to fully open one up, to have its insides quivering and stenching all over you, as you think of how if someone had done this to your mother or even your dog how you would eviscerate them in return… so we return to the boar with its guts on nature’s floor, its blood on your hands. All in the name of nom nom nomz. Cool motherfucker, cool.

I mean like, I’m a vegetarian and carnivorious-contrarian all in the same breath, as I want to eat burgers, hot dogs, steak, pulled pork, turkey sammichez, pepperoni pizza, italian subs with hots, philly cheese steak, are you kidding me? This vegetarian to have spiritual powers is kinda freaking with me. Are those some fava beans? Maybe it’s the lack of meat dredging these hannibalistic musings to the surface of the superegospherot.

This blog. It’s kinda. Burroughsesque. It has its own feel, some call it gonzo, others say no way, others still say yes and no, so either or and both and yet not at all and that’s for no one to call coz it don’t matter shit. It’s what it is coz I wrote it and that’s what matters, plain and simple. Ever be late to a court thing, what’s it, ‘jury duty’? Get there late. Go in, you get your ‘number’. So, My time was up, and I got my number, 51.


and so it goes, so they so, mote be it so. La-di-d’oh. That old mkultra nutshell. So Pink Floyd above, with their ‘girl/boy’ name (yes, blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council), the combo was Bowie-esque alright. For a reason. Produce/Bruce. Careful with that axe… So. Back to eating vegetarian or not. Oh. That’s right. Whilst in the court waiting for the trial which would never happen (woo), I picked up a ‘random’ court/law journal, it was a series of past proceedings on public record. Nice reading material huh? Talk about perpetuating your own matrix, amiright? Courseiam. So it goes, so it goes.

In this book was of strange resonance, I picked one up, of  few old goldish grey dusty leathery ‘tomes’ (that word), and flipped to some certain pages. Of all the things in there, I don’t know what else interesting is, for what I came upon took up my time, and began to read I did, and this was of Norman Mailer’s divorce proceedings. And I mean, it was Fucked Up. The story. Perhaps I’ll post. Sometime. Suffice to say, it links to Sinister Forces which I just spent the weekend reading. Excellent book. Forward by Norman Mailer w/ shout-outs to him. So, weird.

That’s two in there, how about a ting to see who pings out there – this is the final track on the album I was listening to whilst (prfff) making my vegetarain veggies and cheese pizza.

Eat it, dishes!