The Flaming Lips Marathon + TDOSTM :argle-blargle-flarf-flarf:

by Occult Fan

I’ve been listening to the entire The Flaming Lips album discog this past weekend whilst reading the second book in Peter Levenda’s ‘Sinister Forces’ series*, and I started with Hear it is (1986) and went all the way through my intended goal of Yoshimi (of the Boredoms**) Battles the Pink Robots (2002). That was yesterday.

What the fuck is today?

I’ve listened to At War With The Mystics (2006) and at the moment am shitdeep in to 2009’s Embryonic, and frankly, the next album I’ll be doing is 2013’s The Terror, for Stone Roses ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ aside… deal with me now, somebody already MADE The Dark Side of The Moon (1973), and “sorry”… it wasn’t Phish (Billy Breathes and Farmhouse and Junta, go listen, now) and it wasn’t The Flaming Lips (their music, do what I did, is what I recommend, now) (NOW) —> and it wasn’t even Dub Side of the Anything.

It was made by the Pow R. Toc H.’ers PINK FLOYD IN NINETEEN SEVENTY THREE.


* The Author made it through the other Author’s part II by 130 direct paiges straightely nowwe

**The Author went through a severe braincrush/enhancing session of listening to The Boredoms around the same time as washing that around with Xinlisupreme and Xiu Xiu and Psychic TV. Why yes I’m not insane, thank you fuckingmuchlynow.