Everything Goes Now

by Occult Fan

I see my Pageant within the ‘city’ walls and I behold a Triumph.

Sweet instead, in the deed of grove and copse and landtendedagain

Her modern crops are not withered, no, For She Taos Eternal.

The shoulder she shows me, a tattoo from the night before

Mine, all Mine. This sorcery now she spells milky stars

My mouth moves to make her sing

The tornado ages ago in the valley of 47 and 17

holds shoppe in the sweet river of eternity

the kindly kindred spirits ten, thirteen

nine, eleven, twelve, twenty-two, forty-two

ninety three

licking the bays of cactus thorns, moaning binary

I love you all

I truly do

I awaken to the game

there are no sides

there is only


And Blood.