Occult Fan

Master no Self

Month: July, 2016

Lion Licks Lioness

How sorted from Sweetness to sordid some things
the dew always a jewel until gravity clips her wings
then the ground to which she collapses devours her, it clings
draining the vitality from her essence
until she becomes the spirit of which that in to which she sinks
never let the ground be a dark and horrid hollow
for such a lipid and bright shining bauble hallowed
rather let her become the very nature of sustenance by sustaining
the very golden shadow becomes more life, rather than shrinking
or remaining shallow
back to the stem
once more again
just to continue to rain
and rain
and rain


More Joy, So Much Joy

Little girl

who am You

to I

I love you

kiss me

like a rock

of God

I grant thee

Wishes Three


I l0vely love


When we were three

when we were three

whenne wee were three

What is it

to taste through Bloode’s Lippes’?

Hold me

Cum filled

I am a trigger

Build a nascent chant of organic Empires

I am the King

of The New AGE


Putin (Such a Sensitive Man) (Sensitive Nature, Deep Fascination For You)

And isn’t it sad

for the most powerful man in the world

that he has to flip off a pathetic little girl

what a world

oh what a whirled

Mirrror IMage

Failure after failure

I still believe in you

how the taste of dirt

must stick in your mouth

crawling fords as mud

believes still it’s dirt

when a mind awake

hits the Red button

and the world’s end

you were so terrified of happening

commences  by your very hand

Dad You Killed Me

I was living


and honest

as a child


of 7

years old



Now it means something so much different

fighting with the Familiar

and sleeping with the Mother

and being Locked Away

and Expelled from the Bodies

sick sick sicks

they all are

I pure



I pure



I pure



I am the light

and the essence of being

the true and honest and stable

nothing like

the fakers and the bigots

and the slime

Legend of Rundgren’s No World Order on CD-i

Looking at the Nintendo Wii, the proportion of the memory slot to the disc acceptor – it suddenly feels so FEMININE. And then looking to my non-60GB PSIII that it is, in a different way, but trying to hide it through Proportion. And I think. The war between Sony and Nintendo is #Endless. And it all started with CD-i. And Todd Rundgren was one of the only artists to make an album using Philips’ Cd-i tech.

So that makes Todd Rundgren and Legend of Zelda both in common.

Which makes me a complete Nathan Lee.

Blood Borne Broken and Lonely

Who is the Best Magician?

The one Who Can and Does Tell the Truth

Who is the Most Powerful?

Thee Higheste Supreme?

Nothing more than pixiedust

a child’s laugh

a lost woman’s scream

a dead man’s sigh

a bullfrog with a megaphone

meandering in the summer wrights

of wights and helicopters

black female loving my hair

sweet in the dead of night

killed the enemy with a scent of sound

hold my hold

I am truimphant

I put the I in Triumphant

You put the ‘ass’ in kickass.

Hold steady

my laces are just about tied



is the only


that fucking


when it comes to results

it either is

or isn’t


or do not

He, Moon

Who are you?

are you real enough?

I am not the person I woke up as this morning

Where is he

I like him

I want to be come him

to have his ideas, his strength, his candor, his mercy

to not feel this thin face

long fangs

sharp teeth

holy incisors bearing maliciously down upon the prey I feel to be incarnately mine to deserve to feed upon


I will feed



I am not the person I woke up as this morning

when will I be him again

Hope You Real

we can’t be either

the truth nor a lie

holding your wet body close to mine



holding your wet body

this star

will rise and shine

hold it’s light

burn the frame

a painting on fire

a song

in your mind

you can’t release

or get rid of

an infinite refrain

infinite echo

that is I

and You