All Hail Neptune!

by Occult Fan


A common question asked on Rune Soup podcast (and please do fill your days with it’s wonderful content as soon as you wish to disabuse yourself of the lack of it in your life. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). See I just learned Jupiter is a capacity for belief. Amazing. The point is that the question opening the show is ‘were you a weird kid?’ – as this episode of RS I listen to now is winding up. It was great. There’s still more to read here. Proceed with awesome!

My Jupiter is in Cardinal Earth, in the tenth house, I believe. Is this ok? -Lol-. I suppose I have no choice. Only in how I manifest using it. I tend to think my chart is actually a beneficial one overall, that is, it’s something that has been yielding power, and it’s this whole ‘bi-polar’ trope that has risen since the 80’s, a nasty piece of social programming, rife with Kurt Cobain, dark poetry, and twisted sensations both low and high and middle and the other middle.

That is to say that the late 30’s are going to be great for me. Woo. That goes with what I was just saying. For the point was, life is about to be FUCKING AMAZING.

I’m becoming aware of interesting people. I am cultivating the self love and belief in my self that I am worth not only putting effort in to my creations to ‘release them in highest form’ (astrology in line of course makes it win – and holy crap Austin Coppock is talking about the site – which I use – and I was thinking about it this morning early in this show far before it, and he mentions it – not that it’s ‘odd’ but like, I kinda … like that explains the ‘resonance’ to me when I saw the site this morning.)

So – what I am saying is that I’m growing psychically more aware and powerful (ain’t not Shaman nor Remote Viewer, yet, just sayin’) annnnd that I am cultivating the self love to believe that I deserve to know good interesting and exciting people, to have them in my life for lasting and beneficial reciprocal friendships which will foster what is generally referred to as Meaningful Experience Which Make This Life Worth Living For.

To be able to know my value enough and to Stand in It to become someone who knows he is worthy of true and real friendships, camaraderies, and even deep fraternal love. This has been -hard-. -Torturously-. To those who we hurt… are we not truly ashamed? Have we not learned? Solve et coagula. Only one can purify their own self. More than just your precious bodily fluids… and yet… i.e. Emoto and water imprinting… and ‘what we are’… this is Vital. So obviously…! I’m learning how to ‘be a person’! But rather, one that I feel fits the needs of what I want to see occur in my life. And now, to hearken once again to Ye Goodely Gordon… I am beginning to Find the Others. So long bloody head mark on concrete wall!

My goodness, I was saying that I am building the self-love to be able to BE MY SELF.

Coz this chart, it’s so sexy.

I mean, you know. I am. :3

Well, in my typical dreamy fashion, I’m getting to the point. My rising sign is Pisces. So like, madness, and institutions, and … like the chaos of the sea. La mer, la mer… so not knowing what rising signs were, as a kid, back to the opening above, creamy dreamy, here we are … the beginning of life was -pain-. It is for most. But I am intimating that my life was … hard. Now it is going to rock. By no means am I developed as the author that I can be, and in line with opportunities arising and self-improvement being the electric to that magnetic, I am speaking of ‘bi-polar’ here for how life sucked, and now it is going to rock.

What again, about Neptune then? And weird kid reference? And Pisces rising? At summer camp as a kid (that part of my life) (that fish) I was very sensitive. Ha. No shit. And like, this one punk kid would mock me incessantly, taunting me with this name… Neptune.

The obviousness of my imbalance in the ability to process thoughts and opportunities, holy crap – Gordon just ended the show with the line… ok… like keep this blog post in mind with the episode, so you’ll have to listen to that. Oh my god I love certain magicians so much. So what was I saying?

Ok, this is real time. So that’s one thing I like about my style, though, I need to honor boundaries. Like hugely, in some respects. In others, the Neptune just fracks with my Saturn, but like, anyways. So. I always got on better with girls, we would hang out in the forest and woodsy areas at camp and eat our lunches at these little rocks that formed a tiny bench and table, it was perfect and magical, and it was where we would go while the other kids would sit at the picnic tables under the giant circus tent tarpoline.

So, the female counselors would, in their wisdom of 13 to 15 years, advise me to take it as a compliment, to say, that’s right! I AM a God!

So, you know, what am I writing? I tend to believe the value in what I produce is inherent in it self, with little to no refining necessary. Coz you know, Mr Floaty-Between-the-Worlds-and-Since-Age-12-I’ve-Been-A-God. The Underwater God, Who Controls The Sea.

This Devil is Six. This Devil is Six. This Devil is Six.

This God is Seven. This God is Seven. This God is Seven.

I guess you can read a lot of people, and they make a lot of sense. And then other version of me will come along and read this and despair languidly in the heat of it’s malfeasance towards refinement and publically-expected, historically expected, EVEN alchemically expected processes, and yet with all my power bucking the system making use of the soporific tones and somnombulant features of the boorish noncomformity which folds in on-itself torroidally creating this warm blanket of allusion and sparking shimmering stars like pixie dust and firecrackers in the morning where the tides lap the bay and submerge me back in to the nothing from whence I came…

So I couldn’t bring my self to see it positively. I was hurt. I enjoyed being hurt. I can’t explain. It’s like the trident was in my heart and it’s poison tipped barbs became an addiction. So tragedy became a familiar game and face in a world where I am one with both this and the other, and the other does not play nice with this and this realm can manifest in either excellence or tragedy or pure power, the third being a neutral conjugate of this phase and it comes with living balanced, not evil, not good, not selfless (right hand) not selfish (left hand) (really it’s just electricity and magnetism and all is a dream, but)…

So I am regaining a sense of self, this time around, something magical, something real.

I am learning to control my sea.

My magnetar. My tides inside. My curves, and my lines.

I want to drink blood sometimes.

But it doesn’t come in vegan.

Life is going to be amazing. Especially as I cultivate my seed. Already feeling the pain of emitting it. That ‘little pleasure’. Terrible. The terrible pleasure. The immature male orgasm. So here.


As I cultivate my seed, I cultivate my sea. I cultivate my C – my current, currency.

Watch my rise. I will be good to many. Creation Will It So. I know pain. I know madness. I know torment unrelenting, so you say you do too. We have all been to hell, and paradise.

I am only now coming alive, for the next time, it will be as a man who is mastered and who not only holds his sway in the currents of the tao as a bending rod of green, but of a man who knows truly He Rules The Sea.