by Occult Fan

Set me up

hot charge

real electric like real higher wet electric body melting wire

silicon dreams of apostate archonic Ahriman in the beast of the

six six six

six six six

six six six

then the Fall

when I saw my own face

in the mirror

all my crimes

come clearer

who to protect me

my only witness

holy guardian angel

deal out what is to be met with

now I alone must face my own travails

what always was to be found in this myst beyond the veil

pardon me for being triumphant when I fell the beast who swallows

the dreamer beneathe yonder sea where black boils and pestilence foil

to the wonderous white blue and green sheen of the nature valley, sun star moon

where homes are clean and filled with soul in every room, for til the round til round?

the delicate motion of a sweet word

the empire I take with me

the empire I leave for thee

the Ozymandius salve

banishing the worst of the worst

to cultivate the best of the best

my life

a success

a work

in progress

rest assured

I will

do always

and forever


The flies.

They are.

Trapped now.


Watch for the shimmering gemstones in the garden,

where you brightest childhood memories come to light

all around you brilliant baubles of amazement and

cerulean skies beyond the pale of your birth here in this realm

and rest now we will

in the great divide

whence once we return

to where the crimson fade black to the grey to the ain soph tides

again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again