Washer at the Ford

by Occult Fan

When I am dead

you’ll still be kissing me

floating down the river

you’ll still be kissing me

the overgrowth

and mounds of ivy

the lilting lilies

and ravished rose

by my own intellect

and efforts and story gave prosaic

definition to a new archetype so bold

burning all the broken buildings brazenly razed


right to the ground


and now the final hours give kid glove gifts to the crowds

gustav le bon

said my mind was a diamond



as long

as I,



were not part of the



or otherwise

just not part of



where there is a crown

there is a knowledge of the tides

and what hats and whom shoes

be proud and noble, with wows

and appreciation for the aplomb

and anachronistic to some non-someones

chalant to the feast of a million fangs

hear me gnow when I say

we know our place

mine is top of the space

beyond the planets

where ain soph graze

hold me closer

my loving mentor

and watch as the moon

doth crash in three says

falling in the cycle

hold her to my bosom

I’ve destroyed the sinister

you’ll know they’re sinister

coz they’ll try to mimick and mirror and lie

they’ll try to take your identity

while hoarding it for their own mind’s eye

blood and pestilence upon the cancerous diers of men

soul-diers for what? what are they marching about?!?!?!

a curse and plague upon the hissers of spitting bullets like quantum love devices

I hold no quarter with such malicious indigent demonry

I slay each and every one

the damned corpses

laid out amongst each other now in a row

or rows

hold my tongue lungs brain still now for my master

who is my self for I am the Center

now is the Geometry with which to Anchor

thank you to my Matter my Mater my Mistress My Mother

the first of all the saints my Father my Brother my Single Heavenly God

know ye now what we are all Together?

I shall see thee

on the other side

the other side

the other