by Occult Fan

faster than night

I took my clothes off

and burned my body

clustered around the Guillaumond

we will never feel the same

the spirits you pray to

have overtaken yr brain

you think yr yrself

and you write books about the same

same little humor

same little spiff

but you’ll never know


they own you

new world order version of YOU


so now what do you do




and the rest of us

who didn’t sell our soul

get to drown in this world

that you pissed away control

and we hate you all

for  being so bold

that is so weak

and insecure

and meaningless in the history of things

all souls are souls and you are noting


you just couldn’t wait


to be nothing


so they eat you

while you struggle to believe

that you are

really you


so much you wish

to believe