Mister Master

by Occult Fan

What’s the matter

Mister Master

what are ya?.. the son

of a bitch and a bastard?

can’t summon the muster to rally the courage to face the trivial travails of this existence?

can’t even tie your shoes without praying it’s a noose

what a sad state

of affairs

the beginning of a poem

already ended

no one read it

never mended

nor minded

the gap between one human


and another

spiritual soulflux in the throes

of this incarnation

this incarceration

meat flavored pesticide

stolen from the breast of the crib

the best of the crab

jupiter in cancer can get

to be heavy on the spine

and even worse in

the chest

a treasure unopened

a poem


what’s that Matter Mister Master?

can’t you even


a friend?