Waking Anchors with Hyper+Electric Similitude

by Occult Fan

If I feel like putting a gun in your mouth

then I feel like putting a gun in your mouth

don’t fret precious

just go back to sleep

where you’re safe from


a plague upon your houses

your hissing

and your hatred


I am Justice


I am no-thing


I am the tao


I am the winterspringsummerautumn


I am the death the sustenance the salvation


the cycle


the continuity


the breath

of freedom


I am sovereignty


I am the ruler


I am the rule


I am the leyline’s manifest


I am the King


I don’t tell you


you are now known


you are to this truth


as you were to be your self

this morning


it is not me


it is all you


I am your king


so mote it be