Learning To Recognize My Value (Screaming at the Gates of Hell)

by Occult Fan

bathe bathe bathe bathe me in your gore

trust fall in to the shadows and swim in the fear

taste the blood dripping from my wings

demons angels deaths scythe Christ’s cry of WHY HAST THOU AFBOARNSDAOKNEEND ME?!?!

cenobite ambassadors hold the doors open for your wyrd

I watch as a taoist neutral imperative sweetly stroking gargoyle fins

the nadar is a negative opposite by definition

bildungsromantic chafing scraping craving at the gates howling like hellwinds

the false lion of anti-messiah fricassee

I like my liver with fava beans and a nice chianti

a penny is dreadful to find covering your eyes

you’d think a quena such as yerself would have baubles rather than copperspies

but that’s just the thing about the time and life

it’s all bound to the moribund tacit accomplice of night