Gnomish Bread

by Occult Fan

honey she said

I’m gonna cut your throat

and bleed you senseless

put you out where you belong

amongst the otter and the swan

body rotting all cold year long

never to be found


sweetheart he whispered

between sips of sangria

and hits of deep blue smoke

you’ve already killed me

and I’m here already

haunting you

you wept in my graveyard

contempt for regret

I stormed your open psyche

and took hold of your neuralnet

syncopated with your rhythms

my spirit overcame

I run you from the inside now

the real inside

from whence you -really- came


honey she said

I’ve slit your ghostwire’s throat

you have no hold

over my mind nor my hopes

I forgot about you

a long time ago

the person I’m talking to

is only a ghost

that I only thought of for a moment

a brief sharp note

then I came to my senses

and transformed mirrorwise to a wolf