Questions for Mr Leve (I did my best!!)

by Occult Fan

Pater Peter I have so much to ask.


First thank you. I own and have read Sinister Forces I – III, incredible yet foundational – My next was my favorite, indeed, between II and III it was read this summer, on T Vaughn, wow, Mantak Chia take note, and all readers too, this is one incredible book. read it by a pond in a park in the summer and you’ll have a perennial favourite as I do now, but perhaps it’s because I strive along similar lines and now also my Grandfather was a Master Mason and The Secret Temple I read and it put to bed all of my questions lingering about and now Masons are no stranger than Catholics… wait… oh ok… moving on, Stairway to Heaven really opened my eyes to the nature of our times and our lives – and I’m about half thru The Mao of Business and it is just making me stronger, along the lines of 99u but even more precisely. Think new Dark Journalist w CAF for better reference with some Marty Armstrong thrown in.


All of that said, Tantric Temples is not only a feast, it is incredibly learned. This is a textbook, and that’s all I can ida or pingala up me own spine for the worth of the reader. Now, to finish as quickly as I tried to begin.


Mr Levenda this work you are doing draws much wonderment to say the least as it should for it ties in to the clearing up of the banal ‘conspiracy’ aire which once shrouded the concept of UFO/UAP/interdimensional phenomena, and it is to this latter point which I direct the energy of this question.

For we are no stranger to it, I shall use pop culture as my example, one movies, one music, all the small things, add up to one pointallistically-dimensionally-accurate pictoral. I say, in Toy Story, we are, with relation to Sekret Machines, granted toy aliens, and these are the little green men so many have sought to disenfranchise, or that is, to use to disenfranchise, but then there’s Lam. So, the X-Files big thing was the ‘other’ little green men which Toy Story uses, if one follows. Simply I speak to the banal connexion which is the old-world cover-up.

But again, to be clear, one will examine briefly the closing Lateralus track, by the band Tool, Faaip de Oiad, that is, Enochian, or Lam, our third-eye alien/interdimensional being but not space creature… ok – the more ‘sinister app’ aside (the other lgm a la Chris Carter expose – it’s so erotic) – the lyrics to this song reveal the famous (infamous?) Art Bell ‘Area 51 hoaxer’ who was ‘cut off from on air’ after being ‘triangulated by military men’.

What am I asking? Thank you for your patience. I do not expect a direct answer for I suppose I am not posing this as a ‘hyper-direct’ question but I do wonder your experience with space ‘outer’ itself and travel, for I contend that this is … highly misunderstood. NASA is great and all, and I would love them to hire me and all, but really, the north polar star I learn about in Stairway is kinda … well, it’s a very spiritual thing, the stars, and solid-state fuel rockets are a nice JPL trick (o Mercury), but here’s my question.


Is there a Rupert Sheldrake aspect forming behind all of your findings? Are these something in line with the ascent to the highest star/7 stars? are you finding things that have to do with the hyperconnectivity of us all (astrology to say the -least-) and that being expressed through the high and the mundane from eros to guanxi? And through this morphogenic (spiritual/consciousness) field we are actually not so much traveling through outer space but acting our lives out as cosmic dramas on this gigantic i-ching (or rather at this phi-based time, perhaps we are so far from a nine-based matrix/Eden, well) excuse me I’m going to allow that tangent to stay.


I thank you for your time Sir, and your work is monumental and I am very VERY much looking forward to your Lovecraft Code. I think it’s going to be a smash. Super to the stars of Hyperion and past the lines of Saturn, this book is going to soar mightily with vivacity and awe.


Blessings and Fortune Upon You

Nathan Lee Miller Foster

aka Occult Fan