Blood On The New Ground

by Occult Fan

There is blood at the new ground

this Country, America

2016, we must defend

our true principles our virtues and our kindnesses

and our truth and sexual ecstasy

too bad for you the truth is this

you have been lied to and raped

and ravaged and been mislead

as to your true nature

and how you incarnated here

you are a birthchart, and a meaning

no one can steal that from you

and you must rise to your own occasion

no one can do this nor anything for you

you are your own saviour and you are

your own God, it’s true

the first emanation was the word

and that is all – now we are all that

as we come to become come to become

and if you should start to falter

remember this phrase

you are as brave as the day

you were born to be brave

and you are here reading this

so you are born to be brave

and this time is yours

you are alive now

and nothing can fucking stop you

you are the most important and precious

you are the shining gem of time and space

now be the most bold and impressive

and be the outlier you wide vast span you

integrated, I, the new all-I-versity

blood at the new ground

all those worthless weak meager dragger-downers

fickle and fault-blaming, they will not rise

instead of trying they pale and imitate

and there is no reaching through to them

they are the blood on the new ground

they are the fascists of the old age


this is the new age

we ate the vicious cowards

we are now the virtuous chaos

there is a line

we are within

there is a line

the good is within

we destroy the fascist

so level and plane

we are the rising field

the heart of the sun,

the flint and the grain

hear me magicians

we are come untame

hear me Americans

This is Our Day.