Shadow Land Other Land Faerie World Wonderland The Fae Folk Passages and other Lingo de lo Occulto vis a vis Parallel Space/Higher/lower Dimensionalities

by Occult Fan

Carroll wrote of it, it’s the hot charge when it comes to whatever has evolved from quantum physics, animism is the tubular return which is only natural and without apology we shall speak and act from the animistic perspective. Immediately we note the concerns of one Dr Joseph Farrell which pertain to, as raised on the most recent Higherside Chats he was on, the fear behind what may come of such beliefs, for he espouses quickly ‘anything could happen!’ – well, I mean, yes, it can. That’s just the point.

So I too say that virtues are important, which is the logical rejoinder for this affect when the telos is quickly reached like the stop-point for a noosemann’d neck. Not to put too fine a point on it. Your time is valuable, dear reader, and I say this to you simply that the world of this realm and the world of the next are interrelated by ‘chaos’, not necessarily ‘western morality’. This is, there IS karmic effect. It’s just beyond my comprehension at this point – but further, may I say, I like being ‘goode’ because I like to be that character. If I should stop desiring to be goode, then I would.

Notice I use ‘goode’ for this specific denotation is required to differentiate the virtue usage we specifically use here, usage ‘a’, and from usage ‘b’, which is just the common // use it for a crappy nostalgic nineties pop song title type of good. Hope that doesn’t leave you desperately wanting. Off through the wet grass we go, top speed. And speed is a unit of measurement we use to differentiate between the dimensions,

not morality




if one will.

these are the days of Æthyr

The Æthyr Dayes. Ha! :3

We need more adventurers, we need a new generation of diplomats

of poets

of political powers

of elite entities

how we can

connect to the otherside – via our consciousness/social [as above so below individual/human body]* connections (‘guanxi’ AND hyperdimensionally via the usage of mantra and other methodologies) so again through our social connections through which the spirits arrange to have us meet, etc, just like the journey of books) – morality exists on this plane, for sure, however, all IS chaos and we seek to establish parameters around or ‘within’ and through, and the difference is right there – are you a perambulator or are you a penetrator?

or are you both? one in the same?

I think I am.

I VALUE transparency.

I value having nice things.

I value being fair.

Fairness itself is a virtue, and I will not cheat a man or woman, nor will I be cheated.

I am a libra sun, with a leo moon.

Do not doubt for a single second the matter of ferocity which drives my justice

my lust for adjustment, you may

my pisces rising gives me direct access to the netherworld, the heavens

I am Occult Fan

I want to use my power for goode

I am a largely neutral chaos in one mode

my other mode, and there are basically two

is this heroic savior

I want my resources, my land, my horses and my dogs

I want my wives (my four warrior wives, how I’ve taken to calling them these days)

I want my children. I want my friends. I want my experiences and my memories.

I want you to see that besides the particulars, and as you free yourself perhaps some of you from the grasp of fear behind what is ‘occulted’ is nothing more than fear of ‘what is hidden coz it be INSIDE OF YOU’ and more to say there but the netherworld is accessible for the man or woman who can go inside themselves.

For the person who gets flipped on their gender, I think they are expressing a mutation of this individiation process, for the next part is

I want those things for my life as much as I also want YOU TO HAVE YOURS TOO

I want in union with

not at the expense OF

oh MAN

it feels GOOD to say that.

It’s so true.

I love you all.


I do. I do. I do. I do.

ok. so. anyways.

space travel not real.

gonzo style blogging 2017 occulto de lo creato masterpieco de FUCKIN POP CULTCHA

mutha fucka

so this is my blog

thanks for


doop de doo

anyone reading?




i chose fuck shit.

welp. neophyte. at least you can laugh at yourself.

and be yourself here. I think this might be the value.



Isis-Urania wants a shout out +




St. Joan

St. Brigid

St. Cyprian

St. Nicholas

St. John the Baptist

St. John the Evangelist

Jesus Christ

Hermanubis (different from but including in similar fashion read Gordon White for more)


The Four Archangels of the Quarters – Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Auriel

The Four Kings – Oriens, Paymon, Ariton, Amaymon




There we go. Ah. That feels better.

Well, thanks for writing this, Occult Fan.

Being realistic about your readership kinda makes the writing feel a little more real and genuine and tastes a lot more like …. this is fuckin THICK. Oooooo I know you like it.

I like it.

This is good.

Ok good bye.

Oh the thing about the other universe. well, it’s this one, we are living a in torroidal dream state – I cannot for the life of me explain the geophysics of this place, and the only way I would finalize a consideration of joining with any group of individuals would be based on my ability to propose and get support for my torroidal earth proof.

I mean, that’s fucking big shit.

And it’s not exactly NASA’s first choice of coke pepsi draino mummified cat butt extract or the torroidal earth theory – seriously, that’s seeming to be the order of popularity – using pop and then apoptosis and then pop will eat itself.

Ahhh this fucking blog is fucking insane

I bet this is a good thing.


And we’re all taught to be little hollywood denizens via the Disneyification of Merka so here I am always aware of the 24/7 Snowed in at Wheeler Street, and the least I can do is make it work for me.

For those who get this

I love you

I want to know you

you are The Others

I am The Others too

we are going to be fast friends

and I look out for mine

my mane demands I protect my pride

my innocence is my ferocity

I will return the scales

to their just emotive attitudes

I will reconnect the dispossessed

I am the holy bridge of light

I will rescue the lost souls

I will damn the wicked violators of tranquility

I am the mould of a perfect weapon

I am the tincture Lucy is given with which Phoenix’s share their secret song

I am the wonder which surrounds your heart in the glowiest morning

hear me

I am the Æthyriumn Lion of the Interstellar Word

I am Forever Faithful to Infinite Intelligence

I am Permanently Protected from famine and pestilence

I am here to heal everyone

or kick ass

You’re going to get one or the other. Libra, Leo, w/ Pixies Rising. I mean Pisces.

But really, I am so tender. I care. A lot. I love LOVE

I love reality.

I love REAL


I love REAL


you fuckin know what I’m sayin’?

some do.

I just winced, and laughed – at anyone trying to quote me here.

I am a libra, wince, laugh. I’ll make ’em laugh, I’ll make ’em cry

but I’ll tell them the truth

just long enough to bring back a smile


all the faces

the millions and millions of human faces

all smiling



not being alive any more in this form but rather transformed

formed in to a new transition a new life a new form

and this is good

this is the choice we made this time

to come here

this manifestation in a phi-based forma-

so big-forma this

mother forma

atom heart forma

the truth is that we are chosen by our higher selves to incarnate here

the yoni and the lingga – come to me, little zodiac of my loves

my four elements, my own quintessence

we form the pyramid

and in to this world

twelve loves we bring

to save the future

with our everlasting song

the echoes

have already

washed on the shore

of eternity


she, it all

wakes up

and there is no more

I love you all

what a fucking daydream