To All The Women I’ve Ever Loved

by Occult Fan

To all the women

I’ve ever loved

you’re all special

each and every one of you

a singular rose

in a vast wasteland of deserted souls

you had the filigree fettle to fetch my rouse

the maelstrom your lust inspired in my loins

til the world burned heavy with our torrid rapture

and each and every one of you a rose

a single song

the feathers of a swan

all of you together

in my garden of life’s love

become my finest ballad, a nocturne of recall

to the youth in which my warm body moved

in and out of ours, now that we are one womb’d-tomb-doom’d… swooning

static electricity and the garden of eden’s soil become we

again once the tides of time send these mortal husks to their graves

I am glad that we had the time

may it in eternity

always be saved