Let’s See How They Handle This One Now

by Occult Fan

I was in the backseat of some other stoners, the boyfriend in the front, girlfriend passenger side (male on left brain, female on right)…

So that one time the girl started say ‘cucky cucky’ to her boyfriend in the front seat. I knew she was trying to get me to fuck her in front of him. That was really fucking stupid of her.

She should have gotten in the back seat first and started by kissing my neck. Then she would have had me. But it was actually just creepy and distasteful.

This is the kinda pathological shit that bubbles to the top of my skull-fulcrum at this time of year.

Purging. Feels good.

As it is, what a strange meme that has risen to the top of our public consciousness. I’m a bisexualish male, personally, and I still maintain some traditional values, because, boundaries can exist for a reason.

But this whole mutilation affect – girls are both taught to feel inferior and then taught to be sluts to overcome it. Tell me I’m wrong. And men these days, especially what was known as the white male are being driven in to a realm insane.

Who cares. If someone calls someone else a cuck, they’re probably a cuck, that old maxim of projection – but – further-  who cares? Orgies are nice. And we should learn to love one another.

That said, who gives a cuck? I mean fuck? We’re aware the reverse, where a woman uses a man in front of his wife, as if to make the female double worthless. You see?

The whole thread is about dragging down the human spirit.

Instead of shame, and being abusive,

which, to me, I would easily bleed a fucker dry and smile wryly, but, that’s my pathos…  [we’re talking sex and death here]

it’s like she asks me ‘wanna have a threesome’ and in one hand if she suggests a girl I have a whip and in the other hand if she suggests a male I have a hammer. Guess what use that for? Yes. Crushing his skull. You’re a quick study in the Pathos of this Madman.

However, I don’t mean to besmirch actual lovers of this practice. These men, and women who enjoy feeling abuse do exist, obviously it’s all part of the Venus… Qlipphotic.

So like what am I saying? If you want to be dragged down by the undertow, that’s your prerogative. I’m a bigger fan of participation and of being happy in sex.

In fact, I am fairly aggressive. And blood is sexy. Imagine a man trying to even suggest to me something I didn’t like – sex and death (see my birth chart) are special powers of mine in this life.

I say this without ego.

So, do what you’re gonna do. If you’re feeling weird about liking certain things, remember, it’s all just a state of mind, and you are always in control of making your own choices. If you are weird to yourself, you’re going to get weird things. If you are strong in yourself, you can do any damn sexual thing (that is safe, sane, and consensual) and carry on experiencing the gamut of experiences!

Have gay sex! It’s just a pole in a hole. Have lesbian sex! It’s just a lovely licking time.

Have group sex! As long as everyone is std-free and on birth control!

Seriously. It doesn’t matter- but always respect yourself ULTIMATELY. Even if you go to the depths of relational-subterfuge- in the end – the balance is yours to divine.

I think the more we humans ‘Keep Talking’ (so a silence isn’t surrounding us) is obviously going to carry on moving forward. I have said nothing controversial here tonight. Only my ping to the meme which has obviously been perpetuated. I mean cuck and fuck and buck. Look at that huh. Who cares?