Why I Like Christmas

by Occult Fan

For the memories

for the times I just played True Crime on gamecube all day

for the bottle of gin I nursed when I was 19 on the couch in my old growing up home

for the times that santa came

when dad was still around

for the way that

it’s socially acceptable to be nice to people

and they don’t act weird, but receptive to happiness

I just want that to be all day every day

I just want to feel like it’s Christmas in my heart

all the time of year

when I haven’t been broken or abused or hurt

just still innocent and alive and young

and I love Christmas

coz like a hit of dope

for a minute

it gives me

The Illusion

so my years go on

and the years go by

and my eyes are wet now

but I swear I’m not crying

it’s just that I feel

something more than I can

and it’s just Christmas eve

and it’s just Christmas eve

And everything

is happening

as it should

all is so perfect

and I love Christmas

because even though it has a history of being founded on bloodshed

even after the Christians were in th’ catacombs and Rome made them the official mind control for the state

I still love THIS TIME OF YEAR


the three days of dead light

with the risen from the malkuthean cross on the third

one two three

one two three

one two three

for people who like threes threes threes

I wonder if this is why



Because it’s Christmas Eve

and this is the last one that I am going to spend alone.

So Mote It Be.