Following My Will and Whim

by Occult Fan

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Occult Fan’s fast-friend Frater F.*.

Gonna wait it out

“Never hope more

than you work.” – Rita Mae Brown

I will watch the weather change.

Atari changed the world they said – Fibonacci for Lossless Communication

What is Lateralus? From toolfaq – Maynard answers:

“Lateralus itself is actually a muscle and although the title does have something to do with the muscle, it’s more about lateral thinking and how the only way to really evolve as an artist — or as a human, I think — is to start trying to think outside of the lines and push your boundaries. Kind of take yourself where you haven’t been and put yourself in different shoes; all of those cliches.”

It is almost Latin for “to the side.” To what muscle specifically he is referring is not yet known, though there are apparently two leg muscles whose names include the word.


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The Holy Gift is upon us

this 2017.

Frater F.*.