2017 [Everybody Knows Me Now]

by Occult Fan

One. Star.


10 = 1+0=1

Choose one or ten.

This year is going to be AMAZING.

2017, The Year of The Star.

2016 Was The Towers, Trump-wise.

It was written in the stars, and cards, and stars.

Trump won, I voted (alas! sighs anarchists) for The Winner.

This year, I’m voting for us all.

This year, we shall find a way not only to extend life, a la Nassim Taleb,

if I innerstand correctly, but to improve the quality exponentially in

‘Humanito-Spirito’ terms.

In a word.


It a few words,

“Every man and every woman is a star.”


[From Prophecy Wines, credit to the artist] –

As I listen to Blackstar by David Bowie this last day of The Tower Year,

I feel as if I have been initiated.

I saw the “I am” – It told me ‘Silence’. (Sedatives, Boo!)

I’m just as human as the rest, very interested in being happy and loved,

respected by other magicians, to be friends with interesting and solutions-based people.

I add other artists, poets, and musicians as well.

I’m a StarStar. I’m a BlackStar. I’m not a PornStar. Sevan has something to say there.

I hope I am able ot move in the currents which bring hope.

Indeed, that is my Intention.

Crowley’s quote above is SHININGLY pertinent.

This is the year. If you’ve read your Levenda, you’ll know exactly why.

The floors are begun to shake – the amniotic fluid that the plebeians call space is PULSING.


This is the year of Creation, of New Revelation, of the Future to Arrive.

The fearful will not like what the find.

When do the fearful ever like anyfuckingthing?

So I must smash all my old wants, my old fears,

replacing them with goals which are attainable and worthy.

Not like ever before. This is Solutions, and I am aided by the Force.

To re-cap, instead of listing off all I’ve read and listened to and herp-di-derp…

I performed the Headless Rite in a Graveyard on Halloween.

I performed St Nicholas Rites on All Saints.

There has been steady LBRP work and prayer and positive focus like never before.

Between the work of Anthony Peake and Peter Levenda, I’ve begun to lay a solid foundation of just what is happening in this spiritual world of ours.

Gordon White’s works are also integral to my momentum forward. Thanks to him.

Christipher Loring Knowles works are also timely and illuminating… Thanks to him.

Gregory Carlwood is an example of a hard-working, tao-current, brave, KIND man.

Daniel Lizst, I might think is off on a woo-woo tear at times, still remains hugely valuable to me. And shit. He might be on to something. We’ll see! I’ll continue to support the above four in 2017.

I’m looking very forward to learning and COMPREHENDING the works of Nassim Taleb.

Thanks to both of them, and future thanks to Taleb.

I am also looking forward to getting my chart done by GianPaolo DiCocco. I have feelings that my future is bright. If I can suffer my insufferable need to be liked by people… I will ascend to a throne more than chariots and hekhalots could fathom in their own unfathomable mechanics and means and ways…. my loves.

My first username was UsefulFool… vis a vis Tool’s Useful Idiot, but I was locked at boarding school, so when my mom made it, should joined the sound of Tool with what she could remember, coz my mom made my first ‘aim name’ for me… you can look forward to (those who have paid access) to hearing about my… violent youth. Just bizarrse stuff, but people are interested in that kind of thing, and frankly, I am actively seeking to improve my communication skills. This story has to be told. Even if I was writing a technical manuel, it would have to come out, so I have heard.

Looks like maybe I really need to crucify my ego.

I intend to take ayhuasca this year, but not only that. I truly wish to be torn apart.

‘Right in two’.

I know that the real shaman is not the mason the oto or the AA or the Rosicrucians* or whatever… or so I have gleaned from P.*. P.*. in his works thus far – he has ‘resisted joining’ – resistance is BEAUTIFUL.

How silicon and transistors arrived presents us a unique glimpse in to one of the spiritual forces in this world… Faaip de Oiad…

So, I am about finished. This message was meant to be more condensed. I think it might be a proper thing to do in the next week to condense this down and release a purer form of this, sans future plans and thanks for the past year… I think for now, this doth suffice.

The future is bright. Look for the limping man in the Blackstar video. That’s some occult shit, brah.

and To those to whom I have extended obvious friendship and been met with a pained silence… you are but a spirit too. Rather than my olde habits of self-destructing, I shall wait. I shall be patient. I’ll either realize you’re totally not worth my time and awesome and I’ll forget about you, lose you to my own memory hole, or you’ll come around and be part of a collaboration that you didn’t even realize could make us so completely whole.

But this time, this Daemonic recognition gets it right. Maybe I can move on after this life.

But to this year, this tzaddi of cheer, I am quite looking forward to how I will make great use of my time. Here’s to a solutions-based 2017! Look not without, but look within.

“Every man and every woman is a star.” – Aleister Crowley








*A mason told me that the masons were not the only way to join the mysteries – he recommended the Golden Dawn and the OTO to me. Then I read the back of Frater X’s book… But who cares? I am a one man secret society.**


** I reserve the right to admit I was fucking wrong about all secret societies and to join any which I deem worthy and which deems my entrance worthy. There is something calling me. I will only tell the truth.

(If I’m late can I thank you now? I’m gonna try anyhow. – Pixies, PAZ)