Magickal Village

by Occult Fan

Imagine a village of The Others.

The magicians, the wizards, us who enjoy our soup in runes.

A permaculture, living village.

Think the Shire.

We hear in our village we have achieved a level of adulthood/adepthood.

The banished way, we would hear about the phase of in-fighting magicians.

Rather, we are the ones who make it work. We know the goal is unity and thriving.

Analogue spaces mean we can toast, and have the comfort of proximity.

We can retire to our own spaces, and those of us who need certain ‘touch’…

We will have it, and be able to retire away, and celebrate back again!

A village not only of magicians, witches (dirt!), but alchemists, scientists…

…as well as psychologists, therapists, and philosophers, etc etc

A village of a sort of liminality, a very watch the weather change place…

A true family where the strength is about what more evolved Indian tribes have/had.

This is of course subject to different phrasing, but it was about the group…

… that EACH individual had the maximum proficiency in their soul’s journey this life.

If you can see where I’m coming from, you’re likely going to want to live there.

I think I have a ‘sigil’ project for the RuneSoupers.

Blessings and Fortune upon You now.


Nathan Lee/Occult Fan/:3