Notes on The Holy Gift (I)

by Occult Fan

Attention dear self of mine who is subjectively experiencing your own words as writ through my hand with eyes

As I am writing this book not so much only alone but as a piece which fits this is truly for us all and belongs to humanity and all sentient pieces of the single logos which may be sophia or beyond the demiurge or however it is when we one day become one again… the true evolution –

I shall be releasing this as a beautiful piece of art that any and all will love to hold and share and keep about just to paw paw through or to be fully immersed in their desire of around and smoking some DMT even to lay their head upon and hasted the evolution of humanity back to our origin and ultimate goal beyond the stars

so as I write, in fairly consistent ‘real time’ (guffaw) I shall be releasing my itinerary notes as I crawl through this process of putting this together in the ultimate form it is meant to be for it is meant to be and we are all one and this is one piece of the puzzle. I hope we choke. // then we may mantra- notes from today are contained here-within now:

7777777 begin 93 93/93

So familiar and overwhelmingly warm

The eternal return is a concept as made popular by Nietzsche. The concept is expounded upon even more eloquently by Metaphysician Author Anthony Peake. He makes the argument that we are living through this reality over and over again, even Sevan picks up on this in more recent evolutions of his realization, and Sevan is one of the most powerful public humans in the world today.

Again, I say, again, deja vecu is the idea “…isn’t this where? … we came in?” (I wrote ‘we’ as MJK sang ‘we came before’ – so, I hold on, and stay inside this body holding me – I have done this again, even if there were no other humans, that I have done this again makes that there are several previous versions of me who have all done this before in slightly to majorly different mannerism and ways and means with very different outcomes. As Peake has whimsically noted ‘in some realities before this he hasn’t even written this book – hopefully this time he gets it right – maybe this time he will be able to escape incarnating in to this dvd hologram on this hole earth of flat disc projecting from which our souls ‘descend’ in to (via the milky way and pole star and sirius perhaps, etc – just as mentioned in a comment on Randall Carlson’s Sacred Geometry International – that the King’s chamber provided a direct ascent up to the gate which takes you past Sirius in to that realm.

At this time this is all beyond the author’s comprehension and experience.

We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment. Neil Hague agues this articulately in his notion of how we are so fractalized and distracted by lyres of coding and meaning and archonic parasitism.

Twirling round this familiar parabol – this dvd spinning in the zodiac of meaning as exemplified in Innerversity Semester One – a chance to be alive and breathing, again I say, we descend in to this world and become experienced in our soul’s journey ever onward (or to a point of extinction and reincarnation as an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE/UNIVERSAL BEING/GODHEAD MANIFEST we find in this realm of words then numbers that is logos and numeros that we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion – but it is necessary – a punch to the throat of many a philosophically minded person – yet it is necessary – the fear at times, the learning – well, fear was necessary – but as Neil quotes David Icke – Fear = false emotions appearing real.

So, that is to say – fear is the only thing we need to fear. Do not fear the rosicrucians/oto/golden dawn/illuminati/masons/trilaterals/cfr/:insert cultus~religious here:. For they are lonely, and need to join. Example of famous man who was also in a cult who speaks of fearing only fear – for even he feared! FDR was lonely in a soul manner that made him join. He didn’t trust his chances outside the Hidden Hangman’s noose around his own personal will and whim. He preferred to be a brick in the wall. Alan Moore has just published Jerusalem. Salem of Jesu? Well, that’s enough for now – the pieces fit. I know they do. I watched God fall to pieces – to quote Aesop Rock – “I called him god, he called me jesus when I lost my religion he went to pieces. We are all the savior and we are all a part of god (apart never, a part, always only until we unburn the hole and become whole – our crippled/unwholly/unholy communication strangulates us – symbols as Confucius notes correctly are what the world runs on – for a word is a single word (one single divine logos – the pieces back together – rediscover communication –

however what we need to is to be numbereft again I say – the truth is in the poetry from the squaring off between and the circling is within – the 6 is the 9 and the infinite spiral is Jacob’s ladder and it is us, Allus, Alice – All our ladder – doomed to crumble unless we grow – we cannot be part of institutions which belay symbols which again a word is a word a picture is a thousand word and keeping with the exponent we have a symbol with a thousand pictures – so again, we must as above so below micro to macro hologram restore our minds and perceptions and selves being the patient patients and become one whole divine truth and logos again and evolve back in to sophia if one may in that mythos tradition.