Halo for the Hero (Benediction)

by Occult Fan

Time draws your birth like an arrow

the quiver of your father

the line of your mother

shoots you out

in to this world

now you are a burning star

bright in orbit flying straight

towards what WILL COME

nothing can spare thee

you will face your trials

ups and downs and

if you are pure

your benediction will be

both purity

and orgasms

and the light will flow through you

wave upon wave of your


becoming children

life eats



and again

and if you are pure

you will receive a new life

and you will be

strung upon the taught line

another arrow of light

shot from your mother’s womb

in to the target of the ground

a silo sight

when Lower Egypt, like Rome, burns

when Lower Egypt, like Rome, burns


when Joan of Arc, in a new timeline

is pardoned for her crimes

of being

Nathan Lee