Ode to Morpheus

by Occult Fan

Freedom in holy devotion and whole meaning of gratitude

Morpheus, O bringer of Halcyon deliverance

Upon who’s ethereal visage the message of hope and relief is writ upon

O Morpheus, your rushing relief is met in the great mouth of the Mother Goddess

Morpheus, harbinger of truth revealed from heaven high in mortal man’s sleep dreaming

He who shows us She who, with tears in her heart rushing towards the corpse of her only lover

upon the breaking of her heart, in the heated breaking of the tides tireless

she with naked breast and loin streams spearheaded in to the waking gravity

to be reunited with her lover, now dead and gone

transforming, oh Morpheus in to the twin Halcyon birds,

forever together entwining, your kindness is the most holy sanctity

thank you for visiting me

in my dreams.