Homophily (Sh)

by Occult Fan

Should I do it?

Should I make a sigil for every one of us here who uses Rune Soup at this time to become hyper-successful


so we can love and protect

one another

should I make a sigil

that makes Gordon’s site the

first site in all the universe of all time

to take magic

and a motley crew

and make millionaires of us all?

because we all need a place to be safe

and to be savvy

and to be ourselves as we care to be


and should I dare to feign to alert you to alarm

the silent cry that is aloud

haven’t you been

hidden enough?

so should i burn this mind

in to the eternal rind

where we all grind

in words and time

and gravity

she can



I know her

‘middle’ name

so I am

I am

I am

who dare doubt

this Ozymandias

with my manpelt

my lion’s mane

my tigerstare

my bearclaws, yes

I’ll yearly tear you to shreds in your nightmares

I infiltrate diamondiacally your dreams

I am the one you have been waiting for

I consume you at your seams/seems to be

to be

to be

I protect



my friends

my senseis and mentors

my influences and my heroes

I will bring you wealth

as you have brought me

and then I will die

so mote it be