Lick Obsidian Metal Tongue

by Occult Fan

Her long black tongue

probes my canal with scratching micro-fibers

delicate filigree monads reminding me

the hole inside of my mind

swallows up light

gravity is all that is left of space/time

some say that this

madness is real

they just can’t see a lilith

perched high upon my crown

the walls are made of air

they are closing in

the box gets tighter and tighter

the sky came in to be black

the ceiling is sucking up the floor

I am growing tenser

my dimensions are shifting gear

I am becoming smaller now

life expands in proportion to courage

if I can but

if I can but bite the hand that manacles me

I mangle the mad beast inside of me

something past caring something past free

if I If I if I


control the mind

the mind controls me

everything we think

we think we see

the walls are closing in

the gates of hell are iron

bound to the ground with bone

and screams

and all I can hear

is the lack of sympathy

and the mechamachine of industry

collating the fabrications of what our souls could be

and the good ol’ boys

trained to fire cannons of misery

out through the trauma vision

so keep your eyes peeled, Alex B

there must be solutions

else I will fade away

this snark is a boojum

all I can think to say