Tool’s Discography as Prophecy

by Occult Fan

Tool’s Opiate represents the force of the youth to messianically change the world a la Karl Marx, but it is deluded, and just like any who would force their politics, James Keenan would ‘rape you’.

The Undertow represents the unconscious dragging us down if we do not integrate what the next album repressents.

Ænima (the song is Ænema) is the feminine principle, the force which will drag what we see California way over on the left there get dragged down by – see Jordan B Peterson lectures for more.

Then is Lateralus, which is a synthesis for it is also The Holy Gift.

We are left wondering what will happen 10,000 days from now.



Author’s Wayside: Do note Salival and the original ‘satan on a phone pad’ are excluded knowingly.