Spirits as Frequencies (Declined Technology)

by Occult Fan

Let’s go on for a moment under the assumption that spirits are indeed a form of frequency, and that so too is DNA, brainwaves, and we know this to be true, that really, everything is energy. So spirits are wavelengths, just as we are.

This being said, the 5G that will be unrolled/rolled out in the next few years, and likely already may be around us. I wonder if one could compare the nature of the ‘retro-wave’ blocker which Gordon brings up in his latest TARL, the device which sends a canceling-out frequency… I wonder if this could be compared in some way to how the return of a counter-spell could work?

For humans are spirits too. And our human mind has been compared to transmitters, and so then on a higher dimensions are the higher octaves, so to speak, on those wavelengths oscillating. And it is the nature of oscillations which we are concerned with here.

For the one is a tube when looked at from the side.

And we are all energetic frequencies emitting and receiving in multiple dimensions, sending and receiving, receiving and sending. A sphere of signals. That may be life. At the centre is Source.

Whatever created humans is NOT Source, it just may be. But a being of vastly more-advanced or highly- “octivised” form. What we call our form is itself a particular given ‘duration’/”duree”, and this seems to be.

And these frequencies are abound in creating the world. The world itself is the massive telecommunications of these frequencies interacting – the shape of which, emanating from SOURCE is a sphere. It seems to logically entail.

However, might this sphere be also a tube? Might it even be a torroid? So in some way, both, and then also a thing, with ‘nothingness’ in-between?

For sounds, which are a most-suitable illustration of wavelengths, oscillate upwards and then too down? But also… both ways in time? Multiple? Hold on. Because this relates to ones and zeroes and how this energy is both a ‘particle’ and a ‘wave’.

The illustration from The Endless River, the final album of the most excellent rock/blues/psychedelic band of all time – Pink Floyd – contains an illustrated postcard with holographic/lenticular motion of particular note.

For this is their final album, one knows they are going to put something massively important and entirely symbolic in it. They will NOT go gently in to the goode night.

We are riding the spiral. This frequency as a frequency so this illustration reminds me of Walter Russell’s work, as well. The two members left of Pink Floyd most certainly know deep metaphysics, being able to create the legacy/legagistic music such as they do.

This holographic image even speaks to the nature of the image’s importance. It cannot be cheap to make, for another thing.

And it is striking in that it is the only holographic design. And it shows a spinning vortex of what appears to be lightning or electric wavelengths orbiting out from source. Which makes me think of prayers, charms, curses, and counter-curses.

Or radio waves as spirits and counter-waves, as spirits. After all, isn’t this what Alan Moore spoke of when we need to bring the psychology, art, language, and consciousness itself back together to REFORM magic? For he says they are all one thing.

Martin Klimas is the name of the artist who drew/photographed the piece of art in question/of our focus here. For if this is also true to ‘form’, then in some ascending and descending and perhaps ‘transcending’ manner, like the ‘Lady of Shalott’ image so popular in this generation I am in (generator!), the spiral is again a particle and wave, and this is why Gordon refers to this all as a timeline. But it may also be a timesphere, or a time-torroid.

Furthermore, the nature of what we call consciousness may have something of a clue for us (even the brain tiself would look something like Klimas’ picture) for it is said that our concentration, our focus, our awareness changes whether something is a particle or a wave. This must be like augmenting the timbre, or the amplitude, perhaps.

Sevan talks about the “dead end” of the timeline, how that’s what greys are, and others say greys are demonic entities. As all is frequency, this is not necessarily a contradiction, however I do not know if it is accurate.

All of the people who have given birth to us, which have survived the evolutionary game that have passed on ‘frequencies’ of powerful resonances. The original human mother still echoes through us all. Her life force is still alive in us all. We are, in some way, her and her mate.

We are all the cosmic children of the original divine egg and sacred sperm. Black egg, white sperm. Red child, golden yolk. “The spiral of frequencies is also the cosmic womb of eternity, forming a spiral torroid.”

It is his ‘point’ on the timeline when this knowledge is related to the public, and where perhaps, if true that this is of value, perhaps it is part of the ‘counter-spell’ to the destructive spirits and frequencies in our global environment.

Disc(h)ord need not exist to the extent that it does, at least not in the form it does now. We can choose a better sort of order and chaos. A chaos of ‘heaven’, and order of ‘heaven’. Of marshaling our inner resources to bring out the best in each other, no matter what spirits are doing.

This falls under the ‘do no shit-giving, and do no shit-taking’ or Don’t give anyone else shit, and take no shit. One can readily see how this is related to PROVIDING VALUE for/to others and having a pleasing personality.

Are the red and blue ‘planets’ the two ends of the torroid, the twin vortices? Are there two centers? Two universes? Is this a war between universes? As Fringe depicted? As FF9 has as part of its plot? or this gets interesting.

To illustrate, in FF9, the plot begins in a theatre with a group of actors (in a theatre ship, in the dark, [d’ark] actually). The game progresses and the scope of the world increases from a forest, to a whole world, to even other dimensions. The amplitudes rises in octaves to more and more expansive swathes of locale. It spirals out.

Is the other universe or parallel universe part of the evidence of the eternal return? Is this spiral of the timeline not only how retroactive sigils and the ‘mushiness’ of history both occurring, the function by which it operates? [note – Kripal’s semiotics of the paranormal as I write this]

For the timeline can be changed both in the future and in the past, what implications does this have for the eternal return, and the potential (mind you) ‘other’ planet, and what the other world/underworld/above world may be?

In this frequency model, are they other points in the vortices/matrix? If all humans are spirits, and spirits are energy, and focus and concentration as means of augmenting these vibrations, and 5G has a counter-spell so to speak and history itself, as does the future, have a counter-spell, and therefore too ‘thoughts are things’, just as spirits are, angels, demons, and even the luminescents/ the planets (classical), are all in a frequency model, then thoughts focused materialize.

All of this goes to say that we are obviously manifesting. What ‘the beard guy’ says about consciousness, what Gordon says about frequency, what Tool wrote The Holy Gift for, and what Sevan says about greys as the dead end of the timeline and the potential of the other planet or whatever it may be, that all thoughts are things… We are re-enchanting an already enchanted world – can this save us? For us we are AWARE ACTIVELY the we choose the outcome.