Business Hugs

by Occult Fan


So I’ve had Ray Wise on my mind today. And as always, we know what that means.

Manifesty-time! So I search through every episode of Tim & Eric, and of them all I pick one that I hope will have him in it, no big deal, but HEL-LOO-OOO don’t you KNOW/GNOW that my secret wish was to see the ‘business hugs’ one… welp~




Episode 25 of Tim and Eric is syncing with the stories shown on Boston’s 7 news this evening between 4 and 5 pm/16 and 17 o’clock EST.

Specific as ‘Columbian criminals’

and ‘weird man trying to be friendly robbing house’

and a ‘Bush’ sync (not to mention the many episode 7 TPTR syncs as well ~)

And then a PEPE/frog sync.

Fo gigure~

xoxo :3