Chaotically Good Gordons of Eight

by Occult Fan

So a NOTE I was off by one year – which I meant to check and then DIDN’T.

Perception plays a role here.


though it is cool he released his three babies/books in that 35 (ish) year – I note – so there’s more that isn’t even addressed but yeah anyways here’s my ‘uhhh’ … yeah. :3

This comes from an important place and the year-gap may prove to be signif – Therefore nothing will be corrected – know the year is off-  the 36 being a nine – nullifies – and I’ve had this thing with 8 and 9 which will more fully be explained – suffice to say it … isn’t the same that it’s not the 35 itself – but the point stands that everything else is correct – it’s just not GW’s (my face just fell at the GWB syncs I’ve been going on about today but that just… coz I don’t refer to him as ‘White’ in … well anyways – so – ahem – what to say but – besides it being one year off in my maths (and there’s a reason for this now that I look at it with another water sign human I know born in 1982 who… well, suggest that you just keep reading now with a grain of salt and a pillar of cannabis. GO, NOW YEE BEASTIES!


There is one man who has done more for the modern magical (survival)/revival… and to-day he ‘turns in to’ a King.

Today is the birthday, the 35th, (1982 – 2017) which is the age JFK was when he took up to run for Senate circa 1952, however in general this is the age when one is considered legally eligible for the ‘King position’. In this regard is the age one is commonly supposed by one’s society to become an adult.

In America , it is the youngest age considered for sufficient ‘manhood’/’maturity’ to hold the office of president.

It is also signified by the tarot as the point where ones signifier is the prince or princess – it becomes the Queen or King, reversed, there.

So to speak, Gordon’s sun is in Cancer, and Cancer is Cardinal Water. Born in the First decand of cups in cardinal water makes Gordon’s tarot the two of cups.




This might explain why I ‘love him’ ~ That, and those steel-blue eyes and that brilliant mind, dontcha think? And his three/four books… but did I mention he’s the reason we are witnessing this explosion/depth charge of chaos magic and the continued re-emergence of ‘the occult’?

It’s always ‘been around’ (like wi-fi or radio signals) (well, those are new, but they’re ‘always around’, 5G (is) coming (look out!)) And Gordon is at the head of the charge setting off trophic cascades and re-enchanting the world – to circle back around, his signifier court card was the Prince of Cups. Unless we’re talking Thoth, for that is what he is now.

However in general, 35 is the age one becomes ‘an adult’, or the ‘mature’ human version. So the spirit reachers a common milestone. Five Sun’s rotations past the Saturn’s return.

And 35 is certainly fitting. Anyone who owns a copy of Star.Ships or who has counted the arrows rays on TCP or ever read the title of his third book – Pieces of Ei8ht… Will see how this numerological pieces fits.

I originally encountered Gordon on GDS. At that point, I was moved by some particularly powerful combination of feeling like a mix of a looming terror event was going to occur, proffered with ‘proof’ that came from some wackjob breaking down BTTF and The Matrix, etc, as many do, but took it down a twistedly convincing path. So I was trying to ‘warn’ everyone.

[Pro-tip – not one single one of us is any sort of savior – find something cool – make sure it works – but leave the prophecies for Nostradamus, eh? eh?]

And Gordon pissed me off pretty bad when he outright mocked my efforts to ‘save humanity’ – saying ‘I love how much energy you’re wasting/expending’ – something like that.

Later, down the timeline, given we had a chat somepoint in which he enjoyed my take on the tuning fork/letter shin and how that is a trident or a fork and this is used to ‘feed off of’ the energies of the people – he said he quite liked that idea. I do too, still. I still think Fringe was showing us something.

That something has to do with our Reality Perception. Just like we begin talking after I shifted from ‘snit mode’ to ‘curious’ – I was ‘lead’ to read his blog. And it was love at first read. I even recall which article it was… “Much Have I Travell’d in the Realms of Gold” ~

Link –>

I listened to the music and read how in a Garden in Bath the German astrologer (actually a musician…) who lived with his sister discovered a new planet (Uranus) using his telescope, his perception, to find something no one else could perceive.

Just like~ anecdotes of natives and invisible ships coming to shore they literally cannot perceive physically because they do not have the writing/wiring for it (dubious, I know, but…)




In fact Uranus gets its symbol from its original name, Herschel. Now I don’t think we can actually use rockets to get to ‘space’. I think it’s a perspective ‘game’. Just like how 8th Pink Floyd album cover for The Dark Side Of The Moon displays this property of the propensity of personal perception.

dsotm electric perception gif


“All you touch

and all you see

if all your life

will ever be”


Speaking of Michael Faraday and William Herschel and Newton, etc…


star card

^     Read ALOUD loves: (“Yes” “Oui” “Si”)

She sells her shells ~


The first topic I got excited about that fateful Sunday when I fell in love w/ Gordon, reading that article, eventually consuming ALL THE WHISKY RANTS in one-go, thank you, is the way it reminded me of the 8 instruments from Link’s Awakening. It is safe to say that Gordon is doing the same for me now. He has already contributed so much. What he really does for me is to inspire myself to be the best and most ME version of my self.

~ Because he just does. ~

Thanks to his work, we know that human history is vaster, that magic is most-accessible, and that we can survive anything and ever enjoy doing so if we have both the proper perception and proper attitude and proper magical effort.

Persisting in this manner will inevitably lead the world to a reasoned-animism- the two polarities combine over and again – and the reenchantment of our universe is ripe and pregnant, ready to gestate just a bit longer – and then she’s ready to ‘pop’ ~

I’ve had such a great sync with everything from The Invisibles to Noah * to Baba Yaga, even enjoying Birto’s (unsuccessful) (first attempt) at summoning – but most of al I have enjoyed the friends I’m making and relations I’m building through Rune Soup.

I literally wept at the notion of ‘Finding the Others’. It felt like ‘coming ‘ in a way. “There are others? How did I not know this?” I’m very much grateful, and because of this, very much looking forward to the LA event(s).

I made this for Gordon. Not for his birthday, but out of sheer gratitude, thanks. I’ll share it here today in honor of this monumentally marvelous day. Happy ascension to the throne of life by our mentor and friend, Gordon White. Happy 35th (8!) birthday Sir.

“Saint Star.Ships” – OF/NLMF 2017

Saint Star.Ships.jpg



Just as I have learned from Gordon to grow in my own perception, both in the microscope and telescope, that is, to look within for courage I knew not I had, to look without at the real possibilities objectively speaking, and to focus on my power to bring that to me. Just as the electric impulses and orientation of the resonances with the stars becomes us all, so too the heroes journey I am on becomes my humble thanks and admiration unto my mentor, as of today [King] Gordon White.


Prince of Cups.jpg



It is from little to grand life narrative changes Gordon has continuously aided me on, and I grow as gold toward this brighter future – indeed I write this dedication ‘of care, love, gratitude’ in the 8th hour… the hour of the Sun, the day of the Sun… ‘all what’s well-begun’, and what-not… Well ‘good news, everyone’!…

The final note is a personal one – given our love for Twin Peaks – the 8th episode of TPTR [Twin Peaks: The Return] airs tonight, the same day/night as Gordon’s 35th bday. The Universe loves Rune Soup, Gordon, and all Weirdothers, I am compelled to write.

It’s a Golden Gift We’ve All Been Given in the Goodely Chaot-form of Gordon White.

Bless You Sir, and All You Do – May the Good Fortune be Yours, You Magister Of TrophicCascades

Happy Birthday, Ami

Your Friend, Ally, and Confidant

Occult Fan/Nathan Lee

0303 PM EST 25 June 2017 Boston, MA