Bowie Mislabel Youtube Video, Today’s Plan

by Occult Fan

They say ‘Bowie High on Coke’ but it’s actually a rather insightful, intellectually-spiked, anti-intellectual down-to-earth-artist ‘rant’ which is EXACTLY my cup of tea.

Look for his remarks on his wife, on black noise, and finance motive/politics insights.



So I’ve got a proper blog post planned to write up from the 4 page hand-written-in-pencil-on-lined-notebook-paper draft that I drew up this morning – I’ll make that later.


Today is the 8th episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, or TPTR – that one has legs to stand on, amiright?

So so good people and gargoyles

leadies and golds

the moment is upon us

well, all moments are upon us, within us –

the 8 is prevalent today

I noticed that it is the Tool-like logo – just as I was noting that of the TPTR

The Holy Gift (film) (I am writing The Holy Gift (book)) features the logo for the film project which is delightfully an 8

And that’s about it for now. I’ll post this video here for my readers to watch – this moved me. I’ll be writing more about the film project soon, but for now check this out