Makin’ Shit That’s Truly Epic

by Occult Fan

Ok I get it

So this is this the point where I start

taking the initiative

to be working hard every day

as a Writer, a Musician

the life is well spent in this way

the heart opens up

and becomes blank as canvas as the sky

and upon my heart are writ the beacons

It is my job to entertain/explain both What?

and Why?


To put this information in to a ‘formation’ that

is adaptable and DELICIOUS

to the minds of men and women everywhere

I do appreciate the landscape of differences

of ALL the stars

so I comely bring them down projected

from the pulsar-wavelength-source

to here, where we be, to you, yo


so expect more and MORE

FROM THIS here giraffe- I mean blog

and by blog I mean this here Writer

and Musician (that is obvs somewhere else

but you WILLS’T hear of it here)

so this is all you need to see now, you magic adamantine soul’d hereoes/heroines

I’m spectin’ ya to follow along – I’ll do my part to add my ‘yes’ to the ‘rest’