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Master no Self

Month: July, 2017


The world is full of people writing about politics, spirituality, and their own personal selves, you am do it too.

So on my zen calendar today there is a quote asking ‘when will you begin the long journey inward’?

LK and I have been enjoying the release of our The Holy Gift podcast, and one of the evolving notions expressed is that of the Twin Spirals.

Now we can obviously see these are both syncenectard to DNA, as well as to the Kundalini as well as even warp/weave-or-pole/hole. Even daylight/dreamlight becomes the Twin Suns, polar-dynamos… left brain, right brain… Is each side of the brain writing one half of the story – and the lived experience is the ‘third eye’… but that there are two third eyes… [id/ego/superego?]

Just speculating there, but the ‘actual factual’ is the general sense that the answer is not necessarily ‘out there’ – never really is – but if you want to be ‘your best’ ‘out there’ spiraling out – you need to have your dark roots inner roots firmly entrenched in the gnosis of your own soul that you are capable of nourishing the branches of your spiraling out tree of self.


for if we do not


the bramble will kill

before the juice of the berry is sweet


so stiff spine suffer to savor

the sharp succor of the bramble’s kiss


Tend the Permaculture of Your Soul

begin to garden as a grand architect

know the warp and weave

wax and wane

wave with both arms

love without abandon

know your true purpose

if you are true, the end will be right


Flood Dance

Dance with you


under a water fall

blood pressure lower

than ever

we dance






Ho-Holy Now

the kiss of death is poison

unless it comes between my lipse with yr warm breath

then I will gladly accept

the throbbing neon kiss of death’s freedom

Now We Are Nothing


Break me

Break me open


Break me

Break me against the cragged rocks of yr soul

Crush me completely and utterly

without abandon

dark dusk crust cusp comes crushing on on on us now between

feel the hearth heat

the cringing friction of our filthy flesh frothing in-between


to me


with me

and die in between the breathing

with me

now we are nothing


To just take a second and look at my own mind

What is it like

for some other to see me


will they know

that I know

we are both so savagely… alikve


can they feel my need

am I too aware

this dream…. is rumbling


the skye aire water earth fire mind



complete with the ability to see

only what the poet rivers shimmers

bring this to me


I keep setting fires

my heart is a nuke

my mind is a shade


complete the task at hand


complete the task at hand


now I am made of angels

and they sing my being

feel my ripple in your flesh


all death comes upon us now

lambs; some asleep

some wolving


careless owners desire only war

but we are artists, we are builders

and we counter the spell

Happy Fourth of July 2017 (of the billions of years fieramratmehnt has been around and the millions of years of human existence — also contscriouustnehss is primary and we live in an animistic universe A/0 always be kind because if you’re not you get eliminated by the great ghost in the eGyoed in the sky watching everything)

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

George Washington and Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson

do you understand? My guides here~

Goliath of the Stars

Gamma Sculptor+Deneb Adige Victorious Domine


I am Goliath of the Stars

the bold and valiant hunter

with daggers twin

and orihalcon

halcyon piercing success rates

in the upper 99th percentile

the bleeding ink of clouds

parsimonious with green walled gardens

the echoes of shroudmode incantations

ratiocynatic dimensional drift

organic Horan oracles

a golden winged gift

hold now holy thee triumphant in the realm of Pioriroth et Azanor

great are my claws and stone wings at night

the owl may not hear me

but I see her, both of her





Theta Bootes+Alkaid Victorious Almighty


I am landing as an eagle now on the 9th level one above ours

her tears come streaming down

down of in to letters, I know, gnow, her gown majestic so familar

her light fills me up, for I am nothing but cold stone without her

and upon her currents my stony wings spread and soar and sing

without sound (that would be to falter) however in her heart

she beats one to one with my own wings

she is all of my stars combined

at all the most critical circumpunct circumspect aspects

beware the witch who will try to blow you down

she wears a feather fer her crown

and what goes up

becomes her crown


Alpha Pyxus+Regulus Victorious Endless Light


and the veil of scanlings dark trees all mauve zone world vine abound

nor moribund without decay the harlot rides the beast in to the fray

scalding with secular ardor and sepulchers of sacrifice red and yellow now

vestments protect ligaments of lingams from being overspent

and overtaxed confederacies bewilder those bleeding for thee

all who say we die to be free

it cannot be any other way

unless we learn to live in peace

what will you choose?

I am a gargoyle

I choose to protect those I love

and to live for dignity






and deity, whatever G is,

I, Goliath of the Stars

this triple pillar of hyperdimensional awareness

may I serve my purpose well

and then rest


drag me to the river

the river

the river

the river

feed me to the water

the water

the water


tie my body to a pyre

coat me in the sweet meat

hold the time loosely

here come the animals

the animals

the animals


nail me to a wooden cross

kiss my blood lightly

draw a pentagram

with what’s left of me





the body gives up the ghost now

I return

to another new life now


drag me to the river

the river

the river

the river

feed me to the waters

the waters

the waters