Goliath of the Stars

by Occult Fan

Gamma Sculptor+Deneb Adige Victorious Domine


I am Goliath of the Stars

the bold and valiant hunter

with daggers twin

and orihalcon

halcyon piercing success rates

in the upper 99th percentile

the bleeding ink of clouds

parsimonious with green walled gardens

the echoes of shroudmode incantations

ratiocynatic dimensional drift

organic Horan oracles

a golden winged gift

hold now holy thee triumphant in the realm of Pioriroth et Azanor

great are my claws and stone wings at night

the owl may not hear me

but I see her, both of her





Theta Bootes+Alkaid Victorious Almighty


I am landing as an eagle now on the 9th level one above ours

her tears come streaming down

down of in to letters, I know, gnow, her gown majestic so familar

her light fills me up, for I am nothing but cold stone without her

and upon her currents my stony wings spread and soar and sing

without sound (that would be to falter) however in her heart

she beats one to one with my own wings

she is all of my stars combined

at all the most critical circumpunct circumspect aspects

beware the witch who will try to blow you down

she wears a feather fer her crown

and what goes up

becomes her crown


Alpha Pyxus+Regulus Victorious Endless Light


and the veil of scanlings dark trees all mauve zone world vine abound

nor moribund without decay the harlot rides the beast in to the fray

scalding with secular ardor and sepulchers of sacrifice red and yellow now

vestments protect ligaments of lingams from being overspent

and overtaxed confederacies bewilder those bleeding for thee

all who say we die to be free

it cannot be any other way

unless we learn to live in peace

what will you choose?

I am a gargoyle

I choose to protect those I love

and to live for dignity






and deity, whatever G is,

I, Goliath of the Stars

this triple pillar of hyperdimensional awareness

may I serve my purpose well

and then rest