by Occult Fan

The world is full of people writing about politics, spirituality, and their own personal selves, you am do it too.

So on my zen calendar today there is a quote asking ‘when will you begin the long journey inward’?

LK and I have been enjoying the release of our The Holy Gift podcast, and one of the evolving notions expressed is that of the Twin Spirals.

Now we can obviously see these are both syncenectard to DNA, as well as to the Kundalini as well as even warp/weave-or-pole/hole. Even daylight/dreamlight becomes the Twin Suns, polar-dynamos… left brain, right brain… Is each side of the brain writing one half of the story – and the lived experience is the ‘third eye’… but that there are two third eyes… [id/ego/superego?]

Just speculating there, but the ‘actual factual’ is the general sense that the answer is not necessarily ‘out there’ – never really is – but if you want to be ‘your best’ ‘out there’ spiraling out – you need to have your dark roots inner roots firmly entrenched in the gnosis of your own soul that you are capable of nourishing the branches of your spiraling out tree of self.


for if we do not


the bramble will kill

before the juice of the berry is sweet


so stiff spine suffer to savor

the sharp succor of the bramble’s kiss


Tend the Permaculture of Your Soul

begin to garden as a grand architect

know the warp and weave

wax and wane

wave with both arms

love without abandon

know your true purpose

if you are true, the end will be right