Occult Fan

Master no Self

Month: August, 2017

Kiss Me, Sky

little bit of heaven

little bit of hell

little bit of love

little bit of hate

what can I say

when you say

you know

what it is

I know you know

what do I do

no thing to say

just gona laugh it off now



Number Nine, Now

So some have been asking me lately


Occult Fan

what is ya favrite/favourite bier


and I say


well Jimmy/Suzie

I typically have a fine and different answer for each and every time I’m asked this




since I’m trying to build a blog




and since I’m a fan of disclosing unimportant trivia


thou mayest have the following feck-weedin’ glimpse inta mah psycheye


oknotok oktotesok

obelisk mausoleum


every music box sings your very flavoure

when it is number 9


#9 makes

the heart

grow fonder



it’s pretty obvious



Magic Hat’s #9


I’ll get moar in tew itz layturrz

Blood Soaked Apocalypse [?]

blood soaked apocalypse

the new paradigm

all our minds

constantly changing


so many machines speaking

dream th damage we would do

if we failed to forgive one another

now imagine a world where gold

hearts are celebrated

and no shit is taken

and no shit is given

let the scales be balanced

breathe with me, me worthy mirthful denizens

happy shining earth if we

over come the darkness

Amor Vincit Omnia, Mi Amor

Whenever you sit with me

You make me want us to be naked

to strip off these clothes

and our flesh down as robes

but you are stung

only at the vicious pastern current

your dead locks are melting

and our shadows soon become one

when the dark past, like bad law

is undone

and you and I and our future daughter’s son’s daughter’s sons

amor vincit omnia, mi amor

Right Action; Right Moment

all the words that pour forth frothing foaming from my mouth

are the bubbles writ of the slit wrist of a flaming hangwoman

and all the terror ever done to the innocent my deathmusk immanent

hold me holy vogue forgotten

trust is the treason we tried to tangle up amongst heaven

and where did it get us

this tangled wood of thorns and arson

slut walk back in pride to the sanitarium

where you lost your final moment of innocence

in the hot arid eye of july when she slipped all over you

full of child and bad moon diligence

cost me an arm and a leg and all of me penance

but I grew wings

and a heart of stone

and I

pumped full of pills since 12

like a monster made of clouds

holding on to a hope that

if he works hard enough

he’ll earn his elegance

a lust for the husk of the fallen golden moment

this is the eve of the cataclysm

I am a prophet of the damned

and all who are saved

are those who walk by my hand

for heaven is hell and hell is heaven

and the right action

is what determines the right moment

we play checkers

while God plays chess

pray that when they mail you your ticket to paradise

that they have the right address







my sweet kiss me with her blood lip

my nostril flare and I start to trip

colours bright and streaming swirl

what’s her body and what’s the world

freedom in her waters flight

space and gods and witches night

call the tune and bang the gong

blood lust and lust make for song

I am Invincible ~

To cast a spell

There is one minute left

I am invincible

There is no doubting that ~






Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Father had me listening to Full Moon Fever

Mother had me listening to Red Red Wine

I slit my throat like a Cuban Necktie


Father had me listening to Nevermind

Mother had me listening to All That She Wants

I felt the flames push my envelope away


Father had me listening to Electriclarryland

Mother had me listening to When Mermaids Cry

I erased the entire world with a razor acrost mine eye


And while I love Father, Mother, Mother, Father, they die

So too do I, my love, my children too

I still… am still… I still… listen to music.

Swelling the Bliss Towards Stitching A Smile Together (0404)

The rhythm of the blade

as it peels on my neck

the sweet charade

of keeping the blood in

all this time

I a mime

for the moon and

the Gaian clime

as we all are

Vitruvian slime

the cast-off renegades of

a more golden time

fuck all if I know

what machines built my mind

God only knows God’s God

if God’s God even has a mind




the embrace of my parents

when I was a child

it lasted

for such a short


and the cosmos

is so vast

almost cold

if I do not smile

cannot be trusted

if they say

they’re traitors

sad in

their bottomless


we in our light

and our foundations of signs

build past the desolators

and find right

in her prime