Right Action; Right Moment

by Occult Fan

all the words that pour forth frothing foaming from my mouth

are the bubbles writ of the slit wrist of a flaming hangwoman

and all the terror ever done to the innocent my deathmusk immanent

hold me holy vogue forgotten

trust is the treason we tried to tangle up amongst heaven

and where did it get us

this tangled wood of thorns and arson

slut walk back in pride to the sanitarium

where you lost your final moment of innocence

in the hot arid eye of july when she slipped all over you

full of child and bad moon diligence

cost me an arm and a leg and all of me penance

but I grew wings

and a heart of stone

and I

pumped full of pills since 12

like a monster made of clouds

holding on to a hope that

if he works hard enough

he’ll earn his elegance

a lust for the husk of the fallen golden moment

this is the eve of the cataclysm

I am a prophet of the damned

and all who are saved

are those who walk by my hand

for heaven is hell and hell is heaven

and the right action

is what determines the right moment

we play checkers

while God plays chess

pray that when they mail you your ticket to paradise

that they have the right address