It’s Time I Shared

by Occult Fan

This is inspired by a few in the spheres which I respect, GC, CLK, GW to name a few… I want you to see me at 17. I am changing, but this is what I was. It just needs to be said. I am not looking for pity, as much as I sometimes revel in feeling ‘that kind’ of ‘cared for’…

Needless to say, I am what happens when neglect and abuse meets rock music and long car trips of isolation plus being pilled up at too early an age and being sent off to mental hospitals, where, everyone knows by now, I lost my virginity.

The Tool and other sync aspects of resurrection and alcohol abuse/drug abuse and madness and violence and etc all intersect – but the POINT is HEALING. I am still raw… I’m sorry truly to those I hurt… my left hand path is nothing like that… at all ~

Meet Me, Nathan Lee (Miller Foster) / Nate Foster / Occult Fan

and also… The Gift

at age 17 – My lovies…. “Jesus… Meet Nate”