Neptune & Cæruleia

by Occult Fan

They began by kissing passionately… she and he are getting hot. She looks him in the eyes clearly, presently, and firmly. She tells him that she has made up her mind, that she knows in her heart of hearts that she loves him… She is ready to do whatever it takes to make their love a reality. She is in such an intense mode that she pulls him closer to join together.

Neptune hushes her lips and penetrates her wet mouth, up to the cuticle of the index finger, and her bottom pretty much drops out from underneath her… he tells her that they will unite, that it has been waiting to happen since their last lifetime together… she is still so aroused , almost in a desperate state of affection and desire, and this feeling, for her, was unlike and she had ever had [felt]…. it was clear to her that change was occurring, that this was a whole new world…

Neptune was feeling the same lust, and, wanting to strike while the iron was hot, and to keep his vow of uniting after further changes were in place, he began to squeeze her milky shoulders, with her left bra strap falling lazily over her arm, strewn down in hot passion from kissing him so hard and sincerely…

Neptune looks Cæruleia in the eyes, and she knew… and he kissed her lips, and she pushes down on his soft delightful-feeling hair, gripping it in tufts like a saddle so she could keep at least some tiny vestige of control over her more rapidly and rapidly undulating body… Neptune kisses her lips once more, then her cute chin, and her neck right on the throat on the voice box… he could feel her breath flickering and humming in tiny flitters and flits.

He kisses her breast, once with the blouse up, then, pulling it down quickly, licking each of her nipples /slowly, each in a circular motion and resting on the areola caressing each with soft licks and blows, replacing her now very sweaty blouse (somewhat) back to where it was. As he approaches her stomach, she pulls at her button on her jeans, pulls her pants open, through struggling to remove them from out underneath her bum, as lovers in jeans tend to; Neptune pausing to pull them in a fierce tearing motion down around her knees and then her ankles.

He could see her cute well-painted toes were wriggling in a frenzy… her body was caught up in that electromagnetic storm of passions that has kept life going for millennia… Neptune resumes kissing her tummy…. moving down to her hips, her pubic mons, and finally, finally, FINALLY… he gets down to her sweet-smelling fresh wet pussy.

Cæruleia is in a dead heat down there about now, and she hasn’t taken her hand off of Neptune’s head except to force her (admittedly wet-soaked-through-with-her-arousal) jeans open for him, after she knew her pants were off her hands were back all over her lover’s hair and cuteness and sensation of soft and tussley… felt so shimmery and silky in her hands… Neptune paused to lick around her pussy, savoring her warmth, her wetness, her passion, her scent…

As she felt her arousal rising to uncontrollable levels, just as she is forcing his head to her clit specifically, two things happened simultaneously, that even though she wanted it, even though she was making it happen right then and there… that still surprised her; yet still made her feel more satisfied than ever before… two things; One, Neptune slid his index-finger, the same he slipped in to her soft wet mouth, right in to her, admittedly pleasantly, tight tight little pussy… and he began to lick her clit directly.

Cæruleia is simply swooning and surrounding herself in surrender now; Her eyes are closed, her body is humming, and she cannot control herself any longer… In a short matter of moments, she thinks the hottest thoughts/non-thoughts, of her and Neptune together, almost sex, almost just energy beings dancing and fucking together-as-one;

She spun with her lover in her heart, mind, and heaven. She was falling for him for the rest of her days, but all she knew right then and there was that she was with a man who genuinely held affection for her, who could and would take care of all of her needs, and who is, she and he come to find, is her soulmate ~