by Occult Fan

kiss me rope

as I climb the ladder

of lights climbing


behold I saw

the light

ascending and


holding the light end of the vorpal

whilst the winged fiend flew down upon

snakes and ladders

mon cheri

but it’s really the hell tunnels

that don’t worry we

speak the plain truth

I speak planely

why so green and lonely?

we drink young blood

and get myxamatosis

hail to the thief

in rainbows

ok computer

in our veins and pineal

the Icke fears

are unstable and laudable

like a the first drink after a long day

we’ve all came a long way

and there’s still so much

so much to see

underneath this headless milky way

promise me prairie, please

you will heal the disease

coz I didn’t sell my soul to the devil

the devil sold her soul to me