Occult Fan

Master no Self

Month: January, 2018

Laughter on the Wall (Sick Sleepers)

I find that I have nothing to say

read my words anyway

there is nothing that will come to you

you will live and age and then die too

all is the same and then nothing is true

and there is no waste and everything is good

and no one hurts and no one dies

and no one wastes the reader’s time

and no one hears a word I say

for there is no one reading anyways

with their tv eyes and their motel souls

and their horror at the sound of their own name


Won Now Won Now Won Now

enter the words

I, thee physixian

swarmflow warmglow

tallgrow smallhole

innertudes a platitath

rekzsxquithxiouth ran through the hollow

maripose quall srixviltillitutde

and now the algorithm is more complex

and now the night

is more tastey

and there are no here


only the nowscape

only th nowscape

only th now ~


the girl with the red hair wears a halfmask

her mark made warm lips clever girl grin

lick teeth shutterstock grey light fifty shades

crack of the whip electric ground up lightning

taught lean learn the red right hand branding

charging channels current courses are wide open

generation gamma rays the wind begins to climb

and climb

her smile is getting tighter and as her eyes

and her stomach is sliding lither

and her calves and wrists are tender

and her limbs are light as splendor

and her kingdom is coming to be crowning

our malkuths

every one of us comes

in her holy presence,


not just a holy artifact

but a living breathing process

which has already begun


the time

is come