by Occult Fan

The Saints course began today over at Rune Soup.

I’ve just finished my first run-through of the material Gordon has presented us Runies. Immediately striking to me as magically useful is the ‘as-above-so-below’ microcosmic link of ‘imbued traits and resonances of power’ of how the saints are ‘used’, which are very much the same sort of alignment activation as the planetary hours or of say, a lunar or planetary alignment.

One wonders how this relates to the nature of humans and life events and the meaning of our lives at all?

Are certain people destined to become saints, and can we look at their star charts to witness this unfolding in their lives? Is this something of a reincarnation principle which activates such alignments on the higher dimensions?

The conception of a saint and a saint’s day as being analogous to the planetary movements is not to strip the humanity of the saint, rather it is to look at the humanity of us all and how we interact with these realms.

I am still fledging in my magical/holy practice. I still struggle with addiction to alcohol, which is classic behavior for a spiritual seeker, however I am immediately struck by the countenance of one Sevan Bomar… how I would consider him a saintly type in a way, just how he takes care of himself, doesn’t eat meat, isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Just one person who comes to mind.

I wonder what I will end up choosing to do? Will I control myself? Am I really here to escape the reincarnation cycle by making better choices this time around? Is this all that reality really is? I have been having more and more precognitive dreams recently.

It feels like the dream world and the … world world are being driven together.

I wonder if this is what happens when parallel universes collide?

I have been obsessed with the star Bellatrix in Orion, as I have come to learn she is in, and for those who are familiar with the popular Tim Burton Beetlejuice is actually referencing Bellatrix’s partner star in Orion Betelgeuse.


The saints are the stars which live most humanely on the earth plane, perhaps.