Rich Nixon, UFOs, and Northwest Passages

by Occult Fan

In Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 12 there is a portrait of Nixon in the high school classroom in which young Stanford Pines is being offered a chance to advance in life through using science (in his case, a perpetual motion machine).

Nixon is the subject of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, as well. Spoiler alert, he and Jackie Gleason are recounted by Mark Frost to, much like Robert Merrett, have been lead in underground tunnels for secret purposes.

FlashForward to Feb 2018 from TSHOTP’s publishing in October 2016, prior to the Twin Peaks: The Returns return in May 2017, Daniel Liszt, under his moniker Dark Journalist, has released a parallel tale as strange as both Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls, but it’s not a tv show, it’s actual reality.